Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bases Loaded and Nobody Out

Tonight's game was pretty much the same as last night's, except we lost it. Which we could have done easily last night as well.

I just don't know what's up with our hitting right now. You guys have seen what these guys can do, right? You all remember when Asdrubal was scorching past .300 and Lopez was fun to see and Shelley got his groove back, right?

What's the deal? It just feels so helpless sitting here watching these guys fail at the plate like this. With runners on, too. Nobody's under .200 anymore but the team average is around .250. The fuck?

Josh Tomlin was the starter and he gave up 3 quick runs, sort of attributed to his 11 days off. He gave up his first steal since 2010. Asdrubal gave a good argument to the ump that he got the tag down but he didn't win that one. Interesting stat on Tomlin there, tho! After the 3-run first he was pretty strong through the 6th, where he gave up a 4th run and was taken out before it got too bad. 

You know who came in to not let it get too bad? Tony Sipp. And it didn't get worse! No shit! He ended up finishing up the 7th and Accardo came in for the 8th and it STILL didn't get worse. Woah!

The top of the order was the bit of the order that had it going on tonight. Choo and Cabrera both went 1 for 4 (oh thank you God, let Asdrubal continue to hit!!)

Kipnis was back to being impressive going 1 for 3 with a walk and a RBI. He scored Sweet Lou in the 5th, who had gotten on with a walk.

The book is out on Brantley - they seem to like walking him now! Poor guy went 0 for 2 because he walked twice. No RBI, no runs, nothing.

Lopez at least did a thing, bringing in Asdrubal on a sac fly. So there's that. LOPEZ!

Good ol' Casey Kotchman got his hit today. I was beginning to get worried that we could not, in fact, always count on him! He had his 4th error of the year, though. It sounded kind of spectacular with falling down and stuff, but I don't see a video online.

Shelley Duncan didn't do anything today. He left 4 guys on base, is what he did. I'm mortified. But you know, this sort of shit wouldn't happen if you just let him play EVERY DAY!!

I'm thinking of putting a Chief Wahoo temporary tattoo on my right forearm, just under the inside of my elbow. The antecubital region of my arm, if you will. I had a temporary tattoo last month on my bicep and it lasted like 5 weeks. I think I can get away with this - I don't work in public, who's going to care? I just can't decide if I want to do it now or later in the season but...well, I can just get more at the Team Shop.

I think I'll wait til Monday, when I go to batting practice. The guys will be so very impressed!

Yawn. More Rays tomorrow, again at 7:10. But this time it's Masterson! Which means we'll give no run support but also he won't give any up. Right?

Oh by the way if you're bored and need something to do between 5:00 and 7:10, all of the Bad News Bears movies are on Netflix Watch Instantly now. They're only like 90 minutes each. I may or may not have watched 2 today at work.

All right, see you tomorro!

Radio Chatter:
"There is no variation in his pitches. They are either 96 MPH or 95 MPH."
- Tom Hamilton on Matt Moore

"I went to Catholic grade school and she didn't look like any of the nuns that taught me. 'Mrs. Zoberist would you slap me with that ruler again?'"
- Tom Hamilton upon learning Ben Zoberist's wife is a Christian recording artist

"For some reason the management here has decided the key to every game is for the fans to go home with a splitting headache."
- Tom Hamilton says the music is too loud at Tropicana Field

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