Monday, July 2, 2012

What To Say?

I really didn't have high hopes for this game. It wasn't too scary facing Weaver earlier this year when we could run him out of the game early and face a ho-hum bullpen, but we didn't have the patience to do that tonight and it didn't matter anyway - their bullpen is tight now too.

What I was most hoping to see tonight was Ubaldo not imploding and us getting a few hits. We got all that!

Ubaldo went 7 2/3, which is the furthest he's gone this year. Usually 6, sometimes 7. He would have given up 1 fewer run this time if they pulled him after he got the bases loaded but they left him in and he walked one home. But I saw the plan there - it wasn't likely we were coming back from 2 down in the 8th so why not 3?

Joe Smith came in after that and held tight for 1 1/3. That's all the pitching we needed today. So not bad - it could have been much worse. But the pitching is finally locked in wasn't!

Choo had his hittin' hat on today - he went 2 for 4! Two hits against Jared Weaver? That's hella success! He's slowly creeping up to .300, right now at .290.

Brantley got a hit :) But more importantly, Santana went 1 for 3 with a hit and a walk! I guess if he's gonna start somewhere maybe it should be versus Weaver. It's not like he did anything spectacular but 1) he didn't strike out 2) he stood still enough long enough to walk 3) he made a connection and got a hit. Progress?

Progress in the face of losing Sweet Lou, tho. Dammit...

I think Lou and Lopez were pretty essential in the wins this past series. Why were they not around today? Johnny Damon was in today. I almost blew a fuse when he came up to bat with bases loaded and no outs. Cuz I knew what was going to happen. And it did. Why-oh-why did we have him in? Why not Shelly in LF and Lopez at DH? Why not Shelley in LF and LOU at DH? Fuck.

Does nobody see this but me?!

Supermanahan got a hit. Of course he did, because HE is a guy you can count on.

Johnny Damon is making all of this "Positive" stuff very hard to stick by!

Anyway, today wasn't a waste. We had Good Ubaldo and we're one day closer to Pronk. Maybe tomorrow we'll tee off on Dan Haren (RHP) and McAllister will prove himself again. Glad that there's always another day!!

Sorry there's only minimal Radio Chatter. I missed the first bit of the game because I was getting a massage. Very little can keep me from getting anxious from missing a game, but apparently a good massage does the job. I may have busted a blood vessel when Damon was up in the 8th had I not been pre-mellowed.

Tomorrow is 7:05 again - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Twin boys? Hammy and Rosie, right?"
- Tom Hamilton on the naming of Shelley Duncan's upcoming twins

"If you want to know something about Vanderbilt University, talk to Carter Hawkins. On the 8th day, God created Vanderbilt University."
- Tom Hamilton on the Assistant Director of Player Development

"I suppose he figured if he signs a 10 year contract, he'll learn to like it."
- Tom Hamilton on Pujols moving to Anaheim sight-unseen

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