Monday, July 23, 2012

A Special Batting Practice

I was supposed to go to batting practice today, the third time since I won a "batting practice experience" in a 2011 Coats for Kids auction. For the third time, batting practice was cancelled. Not because of rain this time - not sure why, exactly. They did their BP indoors. I'm guessing they had some sort of "talking to" or something - and whatever it was, it worked!

By the way the Indians have been very cool about me missing BP. They've given me 2 sets of fantastic tickets so far (one of the 3 times I had my own tix) and have extended the offer indefinitely until I get my BP, even if it goes in to 2013. So kudos to them!

Justin Masterson was HOT STUFF today! He "only" struck out 6 in 7 2/3 innings but it seemed like he struck out everydamnone! He only walked 1 and gave up 1 earned run. The guy who came around to score happened to be a guy that Masterson hit with a pitch. He looked great and worked FAST. So did the guy on the hill for the O's - it was only a 2.5 hour game!

Masterson looked like he was going to finish the game, going into the 8th with 85 pitches, but they had Vinnie sprint out after one out. Masterson had left one on, and Vinnie gave up a double but Cunningham got the ball in fast, and the guy who was trying to come home on said double got caught in a rundown and was out!

That was really cool because it was the second rundown in the game. The entire row in front of me was middle-aged bespectacled dudes and they were all keeping score, so they were trying to figure out how to score the two rundowns! That out was 7-6-2-5. The previous one in the 2nd was 1-5-6-5-4-6!

So anyway after the run was saved, Vinnie faced Thome and he watched a couple then struck out swinging. GOD I LOVE BASEBALL!!! You could see Vinnie shaking his head on the way off the mound. He knew he got out of something there!

The 9th brought us Perez and he got the first guy to pop out to him and the second to strike out swinging. Eight pitches between them. Wilson Betemit had the count loaded after 5 pitches then hit 6 foul balls before grounding out to second. More nail-biting! Man I love seeing Chris Perez! I think I've gotten to see him most of the games I've been at this year. They now have some crazy Perez silhouette thingy they show on the board after they're done with the Firestarter montage. I was too late to snap a picture. It's sort of like the Bat Signal or something. Creepy!

Defense was great behind these pitchers today, by the way. Kotchman had a bunch of nice stops at first (I was right next to him!) They turned 3 double plays. Damon wasn't awful in left. Cunningham had his assist. Nice work all around!

Choo trade rumors. Ok whatever, moving on. CHOOOOOOOOOOOO got his 12th homer today to seal the win for the Tribe. It was a 2-run blast with 2 outs in the 3rd! He also got a single in the awesome 8th inning and came around to score the insurance run. NOBODY IS TRADING CHOO OK??

Chris Perez trade rumor as well. NO.

Asdrubal! I carried my sign all over that stadium today (parked at A, sat at C) and had to keep it from blowing away, so I held it up as much as possible. Three double plays, of course. Then a muffed ball infield single and an infield single that ricocheted off the pitcher. I'll take it!

Kipnis also went 2 for 4 and participated in those double plays. Kipnis was just like Asdrubal! Except he got a double "only" his 12th.

Brantley and Santana each went 1 for 4. Santana froze up a bit leaving 4 men on base. Hafner also left 4 on going 0 for 4, and striking out with the bases loaded and one out. Sad trombone.

Johnny Damon, always looking to make a liar out of me, did ok today going 1 for 3 with a single and a nice bit of running after that. He didn't score or anything but...nice bit of running. I just read tonight that he wants us to sign him for next year.

Good ol' Kotch got himself on base today, going 1 for 3 with a single that had him on when Choo hit his homer. Great guy to have down at the bottom!

Oh speaking of guys at the bottom, today's Photo Day was with Lou Marson and Tony Sipp. We chose Lou because I didn't want to say something mean to Sipp. I look extremely stupid standing next to him. He makes everyone look stupid, I bet. My mouth is SO crooked compared to his painted-on pearls!

The "get to know your team" question reel on the scoreboard today was "Who would make the best movie star?" and most everyone said Grady. Then Grady said Choo and a few other guys did too. Then the pitchers all said Lou and one said "because he already thinks he is." Do you think they're enamored with him and like to pitch to his beautiful face? I bet they all have man crushes on him! Ha!

Ok sorry to get all girly on you there. I'm just pumped from a great game and seeing some GREAT baseball. If we could just hit a BIT more - 10 hits today but NO walks! - looks like our starting pitching is tight and defense is SHARP since the break. It's to the top, folks! Hopefully the Indians aren't sellers or traders this week. I don't want to see it. I want our guys to excel, even if it means me continually missing batting practice for secret meetings with the Maharishi.

Tomorrow starts the Tigers! BRING EM ON! We're 5-1 against them this year did you know that? Totally. It's Ubaldo versus Doug Fister. Choo has 8 hits in 16 AB against him, with 2 homers. Just sayin.

It's a 7:05 start in CLE. See you there!

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