Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lost Weekend

Well we can't put this one solely on the pitcher today. Yes, Ubaldo gave up 5 runs but he pitched against a dude with a similar ERA and we did not get the same 5 runs off him. We managed just 6 hits, 1 walk and 1 run. Not even an extra base hit!

Ubaldo Jiminez went 6 1/3 and struck out 6 while giving up 5 earned runs. An ace compared to the last two! He kept playing with fire by getting himself into jams then getting out of them, but then in 3 innings he didn't get out of it unscathed. He gave up 5 stolen bases too, and I don't think it was really any of Lou Marson's fault. I think in the 2nd he was going to the mound to say "Get rid of the baseball faster. You're making me look bad." Oh yeah he balked too.

So Ubaldo wasn't totally awesome but still, I dunno, he wasn't totally to blame.

Hey here's one good thing about this game - Sipp helped him finish, pitching 1 2/3 scoreless innings! That's 2011's Sipp!

The only other good thing about this game is that Shelley Duncan rocks and he went 2 for 4 with our only RBI. You really got the impression that we were going somewhere in the 4th, with back-to-back 2-out hits and Shelley's RBI single but...that was it.

Asdrubal, Lopez and Brantley also got hits, as did Lillibridge. How is he relevant two days in a row?

Kotchman and Brantley had nice plays...I think Kotchman's was better. Brantley was no Ben Revere backwards somersault but it was reminiscent of Ahmad Abdul-Rahim of the fabled Bears.
(from the Dick Allen Hall Of Fame site)
I missed the game today and instead went to Shark Weekend at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. We participated in the Draw the Line and drew some sharks in a parking lot. Here's my shark - I call it Sparkleshark.
 Then I went to Shakespeare in the Park at Wade Oval, which was really nice. And really free! There's still one more weekend of performance if you're interested...although we play the Tigers next weekend so you probably will want to stay home for some good baseball.

But see, it wasn't all that bad of a weekend in Cleveland. The Olympics, a bonfire at my house (oh yeah you missed the bonfire at my house), sharks, Shakespeare. There was just some really bad baseball behind all that.

Oh yeah and Chris Perez is frustrated as hell too. He was taking it out on Twitter, because people were hating on him and that's not cool. He's the biggest personality on the team, and he loves to play good baseball. Not sure why people give him shit (well I do know but it would be rude to say out loud.)

The trade deadline is Tuesday at 4 PM. I personally do not want to see anyone go. Anyone we have worth trading is even more worth keeping, just to get some cohesiveness to this team. Choo and Perez have special scoreboard graphics! How can you get rid of your two guys with special graphics?!

Anyway, I don't even want to think about it. I am seriously going to close my eyes and plug my ears and la la la my way to 8:10 on Tuesday when the Indians play the Royals.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"The thing about Jiminez this year - when he's good he's really good. When he's bad he's really bad. He's never mediocre."
- Tom Hamilton

"When you have both pitching and hitting going in the wrong direction, you just don't have any chance to put any kind of a winning streak together."
- Tom Hamilton

"How do you beat Verlander then get completely shut down by the worst pitching staff in the league?"
- Tom Hamilton wants answers

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  1. I'm glad the sharks and shakespeare made up a little for the less than awesome baseball weekend. Those were some cool catch clips! :-)