Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This Is The Real Deal!

I knew it! I knew that the game against Weaver wouldn't be a good test of whether or not we were hot. Just like beating the Orioles wasn't a good test. But 6 runs and a win off Dan Haren? That's the stuff!

Zach E-Z Mac McAllister was our starter and he looked fantastic! He only gave up 3 earned runs and had there not been an error, perhaps none earned runs (weird situation where you can't assume a double play so what woulda been a double play was an error but only 1 runner was un-earned blah blah...) He gave us 6 solid innings and struck out 5. Right now he's looking better than Derek Lowe!

Smith, Pestano and Esmil Rogers had a near-perfect 3 innings of relief, with only Pestano giving up 1 hit. No walks, no runs, no hits otherwise. Vinnie did good sitting in a 45-minute rain delay and they didn't make him sit after warming up. Rogers pitched one out in the 9th then came back after the second delay. Very courageous of both of them!

Our hitters were on fire tonight, with several guys having a multi-hit game! We ended up with 9 runs, 14 hits and 2 walks. A relatively low (for us) 6 LOB! We got some 2-out RBI, doubles, a triple, a homer and a stolen base. The guys were getting it done!

Pretty excited my little buddy SMac was at his first game tonight - it was a great game for a little fan! He ended up missing the fireworks because of the rain delays but I hear tell he was clapping and cheering along with everyone, and said that Progressive Field was his baseball field. Indeed!

CHOOOOOOOOOO delivered some excitement right off the bat, getting a lead-off triple then coming down to score.He went 2 for 5 on the night with 2 runs and a double as well.

Asdrubal was shut out. I guess he has an awful record versus Dan Haren - 2 for 20. Also bad against Weaver, 6 for 30 and Ervin Santana 3 for 23. He did face their relievers too but he never got through to them. Oh well. His average dropped a whole 10 points from .300 to .290, and now he's behind Choo who has .292.

However, the top 5 guys are batting .281 and that's not skipping ANYONE (Santana is 6th). Cool!

Kipnis had it figured out, going 2 for 4 with 2 runs, an RBI and a walk. Not an All-Star...but you know what? Look for him next year!

LOPEZ! He wasn't in yesterday and look what he did today - 3 for 4 with an RBI, a run and a doule. Think he should play every day when Hafner's not available? Yeah me too. He's got 10 hits in his last 4 games!

Brantley went 1 for 4 with 2 RBI. He got the RBI on his non-hits, and then another run came via an error on Pujols. Yes! Anyway, he was in the thick of a bunch of our runs today. And he got his 10th stolen base!

Santana went 0 for 3 with a walk. Huh.

Kotchman was also out there in the thick of it, going 2 for 4 with a double and scoring 2 runs. His average has pretty much stabilized around .225, which isn't bad for a dude we just need for his fielding. He legged it around from first in the 2nd inning when Hannahan hit a double to center. Kotchman was clearly going to be out except the catcher completely botched the catch and Kotchman came out the hero!

SHELLEY EVERY DAY! Don't worry, I tweeted Manny Acta to remind him that Shelley Duncan rocks hard. He's got Baby Fever (see: Choo, Damon) expecting twins any minute. So before he goes on paternity leave he's going to get red hot. Today he went 1 for 2 with a homer and a RBI on a sac fly. He's got 3 homers in his last 4 games, 9 hits in his last 10 games and 7 RBI.

Aaron Cunningham came in for him, and I'm not sure why. He actually went 1 for 1 with an RBI single!

Supermanahan is back to getting stuff done, thanks to Kotchman getting on base and Choo being red-hot behind him. He went 2 for 4 with an RBI (the aforementioned Kotchman run), both of those hits being doubles. Will be amazing if this means he's back!

Our bats were "Oriole-level Hot" today, putting up 9 runs against the second-best pitching staff in the league. Winning against the guy who is 3 and 0 against us. Tomorrow is Santana who previously had our number but I feel good about our chances against him, as he's looking a little weak right now. And we're looking a little powerful!

Will there be Pronk tomorrow? Will Duncan's twins let him play one more game? Will anyone set my neighborhood on fire with fireworks? IT WILL BE AN INTERESTING DAY!

It's a 4:05 game. Tom Hamilton says you have time to get in a round of golf before going to the game and then going to see your local fireworks afterwards. The Indians have it all planned out for you - See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"People want the Indians to trade him but it's just not possible."
- Tom Hamilton on Zach McAllister

"He makes every play at first base close."
- Tom Hamilton on the hustle of Kipnis

"What a week he's having. Twins on the way and bombs away."
- Tom Hamilton on Shelley Duncan

"You have a chance now that if you hit a ball to deep right field, the third baseman might catch it."
- Tom Hamilton on the wind picking up

"There isn't any aspect of the game that Kipnis isn't doing well right now."
- Tom Hamilton

"Tony LaRussa should pick Kipnis for the National League team and really tick Dusty Baker off."
- Tom Hamilton

"Texas starter Roy Oswalt may wish he's back on the farm..."
- Tom Hamilton on the White Sox crushing the Rangers

"I tell you what, these folks love their fireworks."
- Tom Hamilton on the fans who stayed through 2 rain delays

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