Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All Star Shame (July 8th Game)

Disregarding the play of our two all-stars that culminated in a loss going in to the break, there was a lot to like about this game, boffins.

Of course, it's not like we'd been on a losing streak or that we'd not been scoring runs and we can be happy to have scored a big 6 on Sunday. Or that no one had been hitting and we were happy to see some hits, with several guys having a multi-hit game.

But there was a lot of baseball in that game and seriously, without Asdrubal playing lackadaisical and not hitting and without Perez having his worst game since the first game, the rest of the team had a hell of a game.

Little Zach McAllister was the starter and he went 5 2/3 giving up NO earned runs! Holla! Not only that but he struck out 8! Not that I don't respect Lowe but it's nice to see one of our starters routinely throw between 5 and 10 strikeouts. Unfortunately he didn't get a win out of it but oh well.

Smith took over next and had a typically Smith game. I think we can consider him solid now. Another guy who is working his way towards solid is...Sipp! No shit! He only came in for 1 out but it was a strikeout. No runs!

Vinnie looked a little rough, having to throw 30 pitches. Perhaps it should have been a harbinger of what was to come next. Pestano did end up striking out his side without giving up any runs. But it seemed like it took forever.

Perez gave up 3 runs, blew save. Huh.

Choo started off having a bad day but ended up going 2 for 5 with a homer. CHOOOOOO!!

Kipnis was his stellar self in this game. Feast or famine with that kid - he's had 10 hits over his last 10 games but it's like 2 or 3 hits, or none. Anyway he ended up going 2 for 4 with a walk and 2 runs. He got his 8th'd have thought he had more, right? Just like how Choo only has like 2 stolen bases.

Hafner went 0 for 4 but he got on with a FC and came around to score. He didn't strike out or anything so at least he's making contact, right?

One of the big stars of this game was good ol' Cousin Michael!! He went 3 for 4, extending his hitting streak to 7, where he's got 10 hits in those 7 games. He's got 24 doubles, putting him squarely in the top 10 for the league. Man, I can't believe he got no RBI and no runs, though. Bummer!

Santana...did a thing. He got a single going 1 for 5. He ALMOST tied the game at the end go.

The biggest star of the game was ex-Rays Casey Kotchman! The Kotch is now The Klutch! He went 3 for 5 with 3 RBI and a run. And his 8th home run!! Although he was a star in the game, he ended up not being the hero in the 9th. Ah well. Here's an interview with him from TribeVibe, being sort of creepy or humble, I couldn't tell which.

Damon was in the game. No Shelley today. Probably because I didn't have time to remind Manny Acta that we should see Shelley Every Day. But Damon actually did well and got his SECOND triple of the season going 2 for 3 and scoring a run.

Shelley gave an interview and said we don't need to look for any more outfielders or any more bats. I hear you, brother! Let's build these guys up instead! Where would we be if Duncan got more attention and we didn't have to wait on Damon's sorry ass? Maybe better...maybe better.

Speaking of sorry asses...Nick Hagadone broke his damn hand punching something after his bad outing Friday. BROKE HIS HAND!! So that's all she wrote for Nick Hagadone this year, I'm sure. The Indians are still trying to work out with the player's union just who is going to pay for this mess.

This was a rough game but we'll get over it. We've got 3 more glorious months of baseball! Hafner's back! McAllister will save us all! It's going to be fun times and I can't believe I have to wait another day and a half before we can start again.

Friday at 7:05 - Masterson versus a guy who's given up 17 in his last 2 starts. See you there!! (Late, cuz I'll be on the road) (No sorry, not another baseball getaway)

Radio Chatter:
"Shields is good at going soft, softer and softest."
- Tom Hamilton

"Hafner not totally 100% after his knee surgery...and he wasn't Rickey Henderson before it, either."
- Tom Hamilton on the likelyhood of throwing Hafner out at the plate

"[Manny Acta] feels that Kipnis is their best defender right now."
- Tom Hamilton just before Asdrubal makes 2 bonehead plays in the 5th

"This should be a sit-back-and-relax game...but 4 un-earned runs in the 6th inning changed everything."
- Tom Hamilton

"When they turn it over to the bullpen it's pretty much automatic."
- Tom Hamilton before Chris Perez's transmission blew

"Choo is a guy who didn't let his first 3 at-bats set back his day."
- Tom Hamilton after Choo's 8th inning homer

"This is does Fernando Rodney at age 35 start throwing 100 miles per hour?"
- Tom Hamilton is talking about drugs

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