Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The One That Got Away

I don't know how this one got away from us today. We got 11 hits for Pete's sake! Almost everyone got a hit except Santana.

Zach McAllister technically looked good, but he had to throw so many pitches. Mostly because the team had 3 errors behind him so ZMac had to throw three extra outs. He ended up giving up 4 runs on 8 hits over 5 innings. He did strike out 5, though...but he threw 109 pitches which I'm sure was making the entire staff cringe. I think if he has better defense in his next game he'll do just fine.

Albers and Allen came in for the next 3 innings (2 for Albers) and actually did well. Albers had a 1-2-3 6th and then gave up a hit in the 7th, only to follow it up with a double play. Cody Allen, who is really looking tight lately, had a 1-2-3 9th.

Still, it wasn't enough. Frustrating as heck!

Kipnis had a double in the first, and Asdrubal followed up with an RBI single. In the second, the Chiz Kid got on with a single and then Yanimal ripped a homer to left. Awesome! His first homer since June 5 and only his second hit since June 30. Although he hasn't played much otherwise.

They got hits in every inning but the 4th and the 8th but didn't score again. Neither did the Mariners but they were up by 1 for the rest of the game, thanks to those errors early on.

In the 9th the Tribe had their thing going on by starting out with 2 singles by Reynolds and Chisenball! They had an ace up their sleeve with the speedy Drew Stubbs who came in to pinch run for Reynolds. I didn't realize that Aviles was so fast, but he must be because they took out Chisenhall to put him in. It was a great set up - two crazy fast runners at the corners and nobody out!

But somehow something went wrong. Super wrong. Suddenly there was only one guy on base and two outs! A weird double play caught Aviles at second and got Stubbs in a rundown between third and home...which he lost. Then Michael Bourn struck out, game over. MOTHER....

Seems like everything is going the Mariners' way right now. It's almost like the ball was pre-disposed to bounce away from our defense tonight! It's an afternoon game tomorrow...I hope those dudes have time to get out to the park and practice catching the ball for an hour or two. I mean, seriously...

Tomorrow, at 3 PM, it'll be both the Indians versus themselves as well as Kazmir versus LHP 4.28 (nearly identical to Kazmir's ERA).

Afternoon in to evening...interesting! I'll see you there!

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