Thursday, July 4, 2013


Not much happened in this game after a wait for rain and then a wait for lights. Not much except an inside-the-park homer, and that sort of sucked because it looked like the reason it ended up working was because the guy who was supposed to catch the ball died. And that's not exactly cool. But he didn't die, he was just stunned.


Jason Kipnis had us all winning and then the bullpen lost it, big time. The end.

I'm sleepy, I'll talk to you tomorrow. It'll be a 2:10 game, don't forget! Jiminez versus RHP 2.99. Let's hope Ubaldo sets them up the bomb and we don't have to see any more of that bullpen. Yech!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"She is like nails on a chalkboard. By the time the night is over, you're reaching for aspirin."
- Tom Hamilton not a fan of the female MC at Kauffman Stadium

"We've seen the Kiss Cam go from 'Oh, isn't that cute?' to 'Kids, cover your eyes!'"
- Tom Hamilton

"Asdrubal Cabrera peeled an orange and then slapped the tag on Gordon."
- Tom Hamilton on Gomes' pickoff in the 3rd

"The worst thing you can have is a bench player thinking he should be an everyday player. Tejada had a nice career but obviously some of it was chemically enhanced."
- Tom Hamilton

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