Sunday, July 7, 2013

Paging Doctor Smooth!

Could you have imagined last season being afraid of our bullpen? I'm not talking about hitters being afraid of being shut down by the Bullpen Mafia. I mean being afraid that no lead is a safe lead anymore when it comes to our bullpen.

Corey Kluber had a good enough game. He went over 6 innings and only allowed 2 runs, which is super good for one of our starters these days. He struck out 10 which is SUPER good for our pitchers in just 6 innings! He was over 100 pitches by the middle of the 6th so they took him out.

Amazingly, Joe Smith gave up Kluber's second run for him, which is absolutely a plague amongst our relievers. Then he gave up one of his own. This is the guy who only had given up 9 runs total up to now. You know you're doomed when you hear him cough...

Vinnie Pestano came in with a 3-run lead...and lost it. He lost it all. He gave up 3 runs, man. His ERA is 4.71.

Thanks to our offense being on the ball today, Chris Perez came in in the 9th with a 2-run lead! Would he or wouldn't he? Could he or couldn't he? He did it, and he did it in true Perez fashion - one hit, one strikeout, and two outs. Extra bonus, since the team is all about picking up pitching today, was that the last play was a double play. Whew!

The Tigers tried to beat US at our own game today - by mounting a comeback late and tying it in the 8th. I hear tell that they're the worst come-back team this year, and we're one of the best.

But on the flip-side, the Indians hit twice as many homers as the homer-happy Tigers. Ok well now that I look at the stats it turns out that the Tribe has 4 more homers than the Tigers, and neither team is at the top of the league. But when you think of those guys you think of homers, right? Miguel Cabrera is no Chris Davis, but he got his 28th today.

But we've got our secret weapon, Michael Brantley, who hit his 6th AND 7th home runs today and has already passed his 2012 record of 6. Oh, and he got a double today too. Today there were 5 RBI for the doctor! Dude has had TWO 2-homer games in less than a month (June 19). Oh man, I wish he were this locked in every day!!
Tom Hamilton had a classic call for the game-winning homer, and it really did my heart good to hear it. Unfortunately for us, Tom Hamilton Has The Best Home Run Call In All Of Baseball isn't able to bring us beauty like this anymore, so you're going to have to go here and then go to 3:03 to hear it. It's totally worth it.

Jason Kipnis was back on the hit horse today, after sadly ending his streak yesterday. Today we start at 1! This time it was just a meager single but he did come around to score. Oh yeah and he stole another base!

Following up Brantley's amazingness was Carlos Santana who hit his first home run since June 17! His homer came after Brantley's RBI double in the first.  Old 'los has 5 hits in his last 4 games.

Chiz and Stubbs were holding it down at the bottom of the order AGAIN! Stubbs has his 6th hit in 4 consecutive games since being hit by that foul ball. He and Chiz both had stolen bases, and Stubbs might actually be pulling away from hovering around .240 and blast himself all the way to .250!

Chiz had 2 hits today and, oh yeah, one was a homer! He's got 5 hits and 2 walks in the first 3 games of this series so far. Today was just his first RBI but let's hope he keeps it up on Monday and beyond!

I dunno what the rest of this team is doing during this series - I mean the pitching part. After a false start on Friday, the offense has managed to score 13 runs. The pitching has given up 23 runs! Wow! What could possibly be in store for tomorrow's game?! Only thing left is for our pitcher to have a complete-game shutout, while we score 14 runs. Right?

It'll be Kazmir versus RHP 3.09. That RHP is initialed M. S. You might just want to bring a book to read because hopefully it'll be a pitcher's duel, at best.

Then again, this is baseball. It could be 14-0 Indians. It totally could.

No time for Radio Chatter again today, was busy working. You should click on some ads so I don't have to work so much!

The game is at 7:05 tomorrow - the exciting conclusion of PIGS. IN. SPAAAAAA....

I mean, the series.

See you there!!

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