Friday, July 5, 2013

A Very Public Flogging

The Prog was full-up today, for the first time on non-opening day since 2011. I'm not sure how much of it was Tigers fans, how much of it was people who knew this was an important series and how much of it was just people who had the day off work and wanted to go to a Tribe game. It was a pretty strong confluence of circumstances that made the crowd huge tonight (the aforementioned as well as dollar dogs and fireworks), and I love when there's a huge crowd.

First, it makes me feel better about not being there to cheer (I am a really amazing clapper). Second, I always hope that if the team does well then it'll make people want to come back again on a non-dollar-dog-and-fireworks night and cheer some more and eventually start filling the place up and then buying some more awesome players. Like people landing on your hotels in Monopoly or something.

So you can imagine how sad - embarrassed? - I feel about today's 7-0 rout. I'm not going to whine about it like a baby like Nick Camino did in the post-game show (like, wow, that was some whiny bitchiness...) I just feel bad.

Then again, those 40k people hopefully had a good time, regardless of the score (I always do!). And the fireworks are always amazing. So perhaps they will come back again some time.

Joe Martinez ended up having to throw the last 3 innings, and he did quite well.
He did give up a run but only 2 hits and no walks. He even struck out 2! The 7th inning was rough for him - that's when he gave up the run on two hits - but the 8th and 9th were 1-2-3, with his final out being Miguel Cabrera! I still don't know why he got to come up instead of any other guy in Columbus but he's got 1 earned run in his 5 innings here, so he works. Although I guess he's going back down soon so...bye, Joe. We hardly knew ya.

Jason Kipnis struck out THREE times today! Woah! I think he's definitely stretching, poor guy. He did extend his streak to 16 games, throwing in a single inbetween all the nonsense. Atta boy!

Carlos Santana is the only Indian who had a multi-hit game. He went 2 for 4. I always say that the Tribe needs Santana to have a multi-hit game in order to win. Turns out they need that plus plus!

The Chiz Kid got a double. Cool. Stubbs got a single, to prove that he's not completely streaky. Is he still locked in because of his new third eye?

Tomorrow is another day, another game. Another chance to beat the Tigers. Rally Alley day, replica cap giveaway, Key Bank cheap seats of some kind.

It'll be Carrasco versus RHP 2.76 tomorrow at 4:05. Carrasco has nowhere to go but up! Right?

No Radio Chatter tonight. I was busy hustlin' to make money. But you should be listening on the radio, anyway!

Ok so 4:05 tomorrow. See you there!

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