Thursday, July 11, 2013

Danny Salazar Is Not Scared

Hey! Welcome newest and currently most impressive Indian Danny Salazar! He's been talked up for a long time and today was his turn to put up and show us his stuff. How did it go?

Well the kid had a no-hitter going in to the 6th inning which is Masterson-level stuff. He lasted 6 innings and ended up with a quality start, which we all dance about when any other of our pitchers do it. He got 7 strikeouts in those 6 innings, which is an average of over 10 per 9 innings, which puts him near the top of the club.

He only walked 1 guy - on his first time out. I mean, how many guys would you walk on your first time out? Me, at least 6.

He only had 89 pitches when he left, but 6 innings was probably already set in stone by the time he arrived. He left with just 2 hits and 1 earned run. A good friggin' day for Danny Salazar - I hope to see more of him! (And less Carrasco)
The bullpen that had to follow up this kid's brilliant performance was actually not bad. First it was Oh No Not Rich Hill and that could have been a disaster...but it wasn't! Looks like the key to getting a good performance out of Hill is to not put him in with existing men on base. And maybe against a team that's pretty bad. Also, with a lead of at least 2 runs. And be sure to say "please" and "thank you."

Cody Allen was brills again, making this 3 shut-out appearances in a row. He gave up a hit, but otherwise he struck out 3!

Chris Perez made his 4th appearance in 5 days and it was a little scary to say the least! He had the crowd on their feet cheering after getting 2 quick outs, but then had the crowd on their feet booing when he then gave up 2 hits, a walk and a run. Woah! Well, that's just Perez being Perez - giving up a hit and a walk and a run if he's got a run to give up. Tom Hamilton was sure the go-ahead run was about to score after a dude hit one to the wall with 2 men on - but Michael Brantley was on it, he caught the ball and Chris Perez lived to see another day. Ballgame!

Almost everyone got hits today - except Michael Bourn (surprising!) and Mark Reynolds (eh....not so surprising). They only eked out 4 runs but that was plenty for today.

They sat Kipnis and Swisher today. Good moves - didn't miss 'em (well we always miss Kipnis when he's gone but the kid does seem to need a break...)

Aviles was in the 2-hole 2-day playing 2B. Got caught stealing 2 times and uh...also had 2 AB. He got 1 hit and a walk, though.

OMG ASDRUBAL!!! Home run #7! Is he revving up again? Of course, just in time for the ASG but also just in time for me to be at the game Friday!

Brantley was all over the place today. He got a hit, but later he got hit by the ball and then stole third base, then came around to score.  I want to tell you if he has a hitting streak going but right now is flaking out and all of his stats are gone! It is very sad.

Ryan Raburn was in today! Always helpful, that dude is so good...
He's so good that the Cavs picked him for ________ ________ !

Anyway, he went 1 for 2 on the day with 2 walks and a big ol' double. He came around to score after one of his walks. Drew Stubbs came in to run for him later in the game, and Stubbs came around to score too!

Carlos Santana had a good one. He hit a ball out to Bautista in right, and Bautista fell over trying to get it, and Santana huffed it to third. He got credited for the triple!

The Chiz Kid was back in business today, after being hitless in this series. He made up for it by going 2 for 4 with a nice RBI single, that turned in to 2 runs scored and Chiz at second after Rajai Davis threw the ball to somewhere-near-home on the play. Chiz must have scared him awake!

Yan Gomes was in on it too, except his hit didn't yield any RBI or runs. But you gotta assume he had some responsibility for Salazar's awesome game, dontcha? You definitely want him back there for the young guys and not Santana. So, good job Gomes!

A nice little team effort today to rally around Salazar and get the series win. I dunno what's up but the White Sox are totally taking care of Detroit, so we're only 3 games behind. Now we're back to playing the Royals for 3 and the Tigers have one more with the White Sox then take on the Rangers, who are pretty solid.

I'll be at the game tomorrow night! Look for me in the Club Seats with "OMG ASDRUBAL!!" although it might be rough for me to be johnny-on-the-spot with my signage as I'll be double fisting all-you-can-eat hot dogs and nachos. I will try my best, though. You know what I need? A strap for my sign. Perhaps my mom can knit me one?

It'll be Kluber versus LHP 2.41, who happens to be a former reliever making his first start of the year. Interesting!

Starts at 7:05, with disco fireworks after. See you there!

No Radio Chatter today because I was half asleep on the couch for most of the game. Long story.

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