Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Back! How About You Guys?

And by "you guys" I mean the Cleveland Indians, who went 3-3 while I was gone (around the All Star Game) but only won one since their break. Ack!

Did you watch the All Star Game? How about that Kipnis, huh?! He was so good they made him a knock-off Lego guy! I was thinking about buying one but while a Lego guy of any Tribe player is friggin' awesome...a knock-off Lego guy is so very meh. Actually they made "mini figures" out of a lot of guys, including Bob Feller. Justin Masterson's guy is sort of tan and has a mustache and goatee...Well, one of his guys does. He's got two, and the other has the same face as Ubaldo and Asdrubal. Santana's kind of looks like him.

So where was I? Oh yeah - Jason Kipnis! He was awesome at the ASG (and was sure to hook us up with an Instagram account too so we could enjoy the fun with him. Look, there's Jason's Midwestern Mom!

Then he came back and had a quiet game against the Twins, but then got himself a 2-run homer in each game Saturday and Sunday! Unfortunately he was shut down again today and he's back under .300. But whatever - you can't not love the Kid. He's got 63 more games in which to wow us!

Ubaldo couldn't go the distance today. Glad they took him out at his first sign of trouble. He wasn't exactly cruising through the game, giving up 5 hits in 5 2/3 innings and walking 4, but he kept them from scoring at least. Heck, he even managed to give up ONLY solo home runs!

But, he had 109 pitches after 5 2/3 so it was time to go, and time to bring in CC Lee! I keep trying to tell people "Wow, did you know we had a new guy named CC Lee?!" which brings up more questions about "who? where?" and "Taiwan?" than what I really want as a reaction, which is "Haha it's like he made up his name by cobbling together the names of our two best pitchers from the past 10 years! Good move!" I mean...right?!

Anyway, this guy hasn't sucked so far in the 1 2/3 innings he's pitched. Fewer runs given up than most of our bullpen in 1 2/3 innings. Not sure why they brought up a rightie and not a lefty but hell if he can get the job done he can pitch however he needs.

Oh No Not Rich Hill still sucks big time. He lost the game on Saturday. Are you surprised? He didn't lose the game today but there was no game to lose.

Bryan Shaw Or Matt Albers pitched the 9th and did ok. No runs scored.

Our bats could not get it together today, not even off a dude with a 5+ ERA. I guess the Mariners are all kinds of hot right now, and maybe we're lucky to have only lost by 1, which I guess is due to good pitching.

Francona switched up the lineup a bit because Nick Swisher was feeling a bit wound up or something, so they put him in the 2-hole, where he got 2 hits including the team's only RBI in the form of a solo homer. Hooray for you, bro.

 Bourn was leadoff and he got a hit but nothing came of it. He also got hit by a pitch later in the game, and got himself picked off. Argh! He's up at the top of the league for caught stealing but not at the top for stolen bases. I think he's a great leadoff hitter and great at getting on base, but his average sure does drop if you take away the 6 times he got caught stealing!

He did get an outfield assist, which I'm a sucker for. But still...stop getting caught!

Neither Kipnis nor Cabrera (now 4th) did anything today, which clearly makes for a bad game.

Brantley was back doing his clutch thing again today. Did you see him yesterday?? Bases-loaded triple yo!! With two outs, of course! Today it was just a routine 1-out double, but it was late in the game and I'm still impressed.

Santana also got a double, but that was all she wrote. Giambi and Stubbs both walked.

I guess these Mariners are a force to be reckoned with at the moment, now having won 7 in a row. The Tribe best be hungry for a big win and what would be bigger than stopping a team on a streak?! And maybe starting our own streak in the process?

Tomorrow, in the middle of the night again (10:10 PM) it'll be the triumphant return of Z-Mac, Zach McAllister versus some dude with a 15+ ERA who is coming off elbow issues. It could easily be the end of the streak! You'll have to tune in to see!

Oh, when you do tune in, note that Tom Hamilton is out having knee surgery (which begs the questions 1. What do you need your knee for in radio? and 2. Why can't we have the privilege of hearing a drugged-up Hammy?) Jim Rosenhaus is joined by Jason Stanford who is way more dry than Rosie and will make you think that Rosie is colorful and you're glad to have him.

See you there!


  1. Where were you? Had to ask since you baited it. :)

  2. I was just, like, out. Out and about and enjoying listening to baseball for the sake of listening to baseball and not writing about it later :D