Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Holding On Tight In Kansas City

Whew, that was a close one! Despite 9 hits and 8 walks, the Tribe had to really scuffle to win this one.

Kluber was the starter and he wasn't impressive. He had to come out after 5 - and after giving up a grand slam. His ERA is up over 4 now.

Hagadone didn't look very good in relief, so they brought in Cody Allen to finish the 5th. Those two managed to get away with no runs scored between them.

Then we were treated to Smith-Pestano-Perez and while it started off nicely with Smith having a 1-2-3 7th, Vinnie Pestano did not fare as well. He had a 2-run lead, so - yeah, you called it! - he gave up a run on 2 hits and a walk. By the time Chris Perez came in there was just a 1-run lead. He's not really in the business of giving up 1-run leads (shortening leads, yes) but it took him a while to get that third out. His last 2 appearances were 1-2-3 affairs but this time he was back to his old tricks of guys on base, strikeout, and a couple of outs in play. BALLGAME! Perez is up to 8 saves now.

Michael Bourn was on his final day of paternity leave, so Michael Brantley was back visiting the top spot. He got on base 3 times! Two walks and a single, and came around to score once. I haven't been rooting for Brantley's average much lately...because it hasn't been close enough to .300. Maybe in the second half?

Asdrubal is still on a post-injury tear, hitting in all 6 games since he's been back. He is 9 for 33 with 3 RBI - he had a 2-RBI single today with bases loaded! He also walked once and came around to score.

Kipnis is still amazing. He's getting a lot of press too about how he should be in the All Star Game. I bet he will be one of the manager's choices, especially since it looks like the Tribe is shut out of the voting roster. He's got a 13-game hitting streak right now and an average of .299. Tonight he went 1 for 4 with a walk and came in to score both times! Not too pleased with him getting 2 strikeouts, though - is he trying too hard? Perhaps it's just the 2-days-rest doldrums. Look for him to go over .300 tomorrow!!

Nick Swisher was totally useful today but totally wasted. Ho hum! He went 3 for 4 with a walk, so he was on base 4 times! But never got an RBI or scored a run.

Santana was similar - he went 0 for 1 because he walked 3 times! He did actually get 2 RBI because he walked with  bases loaded and then got a sac fly. But he never came in to score.

Poor Mark Reynolds....can't get anything done except for a bases-loaded hit-by-pitch for an RBI. Wah wah. Five guys left on base too, ouch.

Jason Giambi was a difference-maker today! He went 2 for 4 with a run scored and an RBI double! He left 4 on base himself but oh well, he's 42 (I swear, Tom Hamilton brings this up every time he's at bat!)

Chisenhall went 1 for 4 tonight, after being shut out in his last 2 games. He came around to score.

So you can see a lot of guys got on base tonight but it was way more of a struggle to win this game than it should have been. But, all that matters at the end of it is that it's a win. We're .5 games ahead of Detroit and now 5.5 ahead of Kansas City!

Tomorrow's another 8:10 game and it'll be Scott Kazmir versus RHP 4.11.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"The Indians with that 2-nothing lead, but they may rue the day that they didn't blow this open in the first inning."
- Tom Hamilton

"His defense is almost in zombie-land right now..."
- Tom Hamilton on Mendoza's slow game

"Not saying it's ominous here in Kansas City, but Toto just ran by the booth."
- Tom Hamilton

"You never know which Hagadone is going to show up. He can shut down a batting order with mid-90s sliders, or he can walk the park full."
- Tom Hamilton

"With that kind of price - kids, go out in to the back yard and use the house as a backstop. Why not?"
- Tom Hamilton thinks these window prices are crazy!

"Feels like the Indians should have a 10-run lead, doesn't it?"
- Tom Hamilton

"There is nothing routine this year for Vinnie Pestano and Chris Perez."
- Tom Hamilton

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