Sunday, June 10, 2012

We Are All Kipnises!

Amazing game today, boffins! Hit streaks! Great Ubaldo start! Winning home run! Double switch! Save! Won the series! ALL ON A SUNDAY!!!

Ubaldo Jiminez had his second good game in a row. IN A ROW! He struck out 7 in 7 innings and only gave up 5 hits and one run. That run was to Carlos Beltran who hit a home run, but that's ok because it was a solo shot, it was the only homer he gave up, and it is Beltran's specific talent to hit home runs. And the guy who leads the league in giving up walks gave up NO WALKS!! UBALDOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

He was shit at the plate, tho. UGH I hate NL rules...

Vinnie Pestano came in for the 8th as a treat for us all. Then he loaded them up on 3 walks!!! WTF Vinnie?! I think he likes to pitch under pressure and he got out there and gave himself pressure. Cuz then after that he struck out the next two guys to end the inning un-scathed.

By the time Perez came in we had a 3-run lead, and it was cake for him. He gave up one hit and struck one out, as we've come to expect. Then before he had a chance to do something he might regret, ballgame! Here's an article about Perez's return to STL "Perez Thankful Cards Traded Him". If you've ever wondered if he's happier here than there, well now you know.

Oh yeah I guess Perez puked right after the last out. Right there on the field. Carlos Santana was all "WTF? Gross!" and good 'ol Shelley Duncan was actually checking to see if he was ok. I'm guessing too much adrenaline plus an accidental swallowing of chew juice. And heat. Anyway, he's got 20 saves now. His middle name is "Ralph." No, seriously it is.

Wait WTF? Is that clip from WKYC?? Did they broadcast the game on Channel 3 today and not add it to their broadcast schedule? NOT FAIR!!! I rely on that schedule for my total happiness! Am I going to have to start turning on my television every day to check? Not cool.

On the offensive side, the team got 10 hits today but only from 6 guys. Because dudes were multi-hitting!

Guys like CHOOOO who went 2 for 5 today and scored a run. Asdrubal didn't multi-hit but he extended his hitting streak to 12, and rocked it in the field of course. Did you vote for him for the All Star Game?

Hey guess what? I bit the bullet and bought myself a We Are All Kipnises t-shirt today after the game. That's right - between the end of the game and the first line of this post, I bought a t-shirt. To be honest it's not the best time financially or wardrobe-ly to be buying a t-shirt (I'm in the middle of losing a bunch of weight) but I'm going to 2 games next weekend and Kipnis won the game today so I just needed to pay my respects. Plus, I'm a sucker for red t-shirts with Wahoo feathers. Srsly.

So Kipnis not only went 3 for 4 today (he's "back" - as speculated!), he got a game-winning 3-run homer. He walked and stole his league-leading 15th base. Is he gonna go 20-20 this year? He's halfway there with a few weeks left until the halfway point. That'd be fun! Hopefully my t-shirt will help!

If you can't get yourself a t-shirt, you should at least vote for him to be in the All Star Game.

Michael Brantley! EIGHTEEN GAMES!!!! It's still an inconsequential baby streak but it's so friggin' fun. People don't know Michael Brantley but maybe they will learn his name once he breaks 20. Maybe he will permanently replace Grady. Even the outs Brantley is making are awesome. Every ball looks like it's got the ability to be his next hit, nothing garbage from him.

Shelly Duncan was back at it again today! I suspect because his dad and brother are hanging around the ballpark (was hoping Dave Duncan would be in the radio booth). His average is back over .200 wooha!

Lou Marson was part of a double switch with Lopez (who was shut down at the plate today) and Chisenhall and Kotchman. All those substitutions and no hits. Doh!

Awesome baseball this weekend! Great to come out of the World Champion city with 2 out of 3 games and only have given up 5 runs.

Tomorrow is a day off and then we're on to Cincy to face the Reds for 3. They're 2.5 games ahead of the Cardinals in the NL Central. Should be a good series - if our starters are really on a roll.

Have a nice day off tomorrow and I'll see you Tuesday!

Oh and make sure you tune in during the week because when KSU defeats Oregon tonight, Kent is going to go to the College World Series and we'll be Hammy-less all next weekend. So get your fix in this week and go Flashes!

Radio Chatter:
"Another reason to get Hammy back in the booth. I got several emails reminding me I was in the booth for the Indians' first shutout."
- Scott Bailes

"There are two kinds of pitchers - the ones who claim to be good hitters and aren't, and the ones who admit they're not good hitters."
- Scott Bailes

"The best way to quiet that Cardinal crowd is throw strike one then strike two."
- Scott Bailes on Pestano's jam in the 8th

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