Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brandon Gets the Best of Us

If Torii Hunter is my favorite non-Indian in the AL, then Brandon Phillips is my guy in the NL. Could be that I know what he's up to *touches nose* when he plays against Cleveland, since we let him go all those years ago. Could be that as a former second-baseman myself I just appreciate a great middle man. Could also be that if I'm not able to throw my hands up and say "Well, that Brandon Phillips, you can't beat him!" that I would just curl up and die every time the Reds came around on our schedule.

I did vote for him for the All Star Game, tho. Him and Votto. Wow.

Derek Lowe was the starter today. He wasn't "Wow, Derek Lowe!" tonight but he was better than 2 of his last 3 games. He only gave up 3 in his 6 innings, but he walked a lot (6) which is not what you want to do against a team with a guy hitting .363 (Votto).

Nick Hagadone, however, was absolutely not "Wow, Nick Hagadone!" today. Two hits and two runs in just one inning? I'm afraid I cursed the boy by suggesting him as a Fantasy pickup. My bad, Cleveland. I also apologize for planting grass seed in half my front yard 4 weeks ago - I appear to have caused a bit of a drought.

Esmil Rogers. We just got him from Colorado "for cash" and apparently he needs a little love. Like a malnourished kitten who throws 95 MPH. He got to peek his head out of the cat carrier for the 8th inning today and throw his nastiest stuff at the Reds. It was a good opportunity to put him out there - albeit against a NL team in an NL park so what is the difference? - it was the bottom of their order. He did strike out 2 and throw 96/97 MPH fastballs. Came out unscathed. Can he do that in long relief? Time will tell.

By the way, his minor league team was the Modesto Nuts. Their logo actually makes nuts look tough:
Fuck off with your monocle and top hat.
Today's game was about as blah as yesterday's game, batting-wise. A bunch of guys went 1 for 4. Johnny Damon is turning from useless into a liability. Happy to see Santana hit, and a double at that! The pitcher got a hit. I think all of our pitchers have hit this year, or darn close to it.

And of course the biggest, bestest news of the night is that Michael Brantley is at 20 games now!!! He's been slowed down to just single-hit games but whatever, a streak is a streak. He's still hitting like .350 during it too. I can't quell my smilies anymore so I'll just lay a few out right here :) :) :)

Will give props to LOPEZ! for his late-inning pinch hit home run. That's what I'm talkin' bout, Lopez! Show him why you've got to stick around!

That's pretty much it. We were at least closer today at 3 runs to their 5 but still not good enough for a win. Pitching is coming around but batting needs to tighten up. This music video for Akron's Own The Black Keys "Tighten Up" - in which said band gets beaten up by some children - is better than tonight's baseball game.

Tomorrow is a noonly game versus another right-handed pitcher, Mike Leake. Our guy is Josh Tomlin. Should be good, right? Yeah, that's what I thought before these last two games. Oh well, I like a good noontime romp through the ballpark so happy I will be.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"The last thing you want to do is walk Wilson Valdez in front of this guy."
- Tom Hamilton on Valdez's first walk of the season, before Joey Votto

"They were talking in the dugout about Santana's performance at the plate and shaking their heads."
- Tom Hamilton

"You can't teach 95 miles per hour."
- Tom Hamilton on the training of Esmil Rogers

"People were lined up at the press dinner like it was the Last Supper. [...] If you came home from a long day of work and your wife offered you hot dogs and chili, you'd probably go somewhere else."
- Tom Hamilton on the Skyline Chili (and hot dogs) at the press dinner, of course after describing Rosie coming back from dinner covered in chili like a dirty toddler

"Rosie will be delivered by crane to the Indians plane tomorrow."
- Tom Hamilton after going over all of the foods Rosie had tried in Cincy

"It seems like every time we look up, isn't Joey Votto or Jay Bruce swinging the bat?"
- Tom Hamilton on the too-large number of walks

"It's almost like he's on a mission against the tribe."
- Tom Hamilton on Brandon Phillips

"He's an angry elf."
- Tom Hamilton on Asdrubal's hissy fit

"It's like they found a picture and put it on somebody else's body and put an imaginary cap on his head."
- Tom Hamilton on the Reds' scoreboard photo of Johnny Damon

"All he's done is thrown strikes. He's come in and pounded the strike zone with mid-90s sliders."
- Tom Hamilton on Esmil Rogers

"These are Little League numbers. Fifty-five strikeouts in 31 innings. Fifty-five strikeouts!"
- Tom Hamilton on the Reds' closer

"People ask how can Chisenhall swing at that ball in the dirt? Well when it's going 100 miles per hour, you don't have a lot of time to decide."
- Tom Hamilton

"The Cuban Missle is human."
- Tom Hamilton after Lopez hits one off Aroldis Chapman

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