Friday, June 8, 2012

Tribe 1, Champs 0

What a fun game tonight! I don't know why but that was the best game I've seen on TV in a while. Maybe because most of the TV games are crappy Sunday games which we lose. Or because Busch Stadium is a really nice stadium and I totally fell in love with the arch in the outfield last October. And then the real Arch in the distance. Maybe it's because I finally got to see the Perez Progressive commercial (which, I am told, gets a lot of air time on cable.) Perhaps too it was that I got to see the new Chisen-mustache that I'd only heard about. Here's a picture of it:

Lonnie Chisenhall as The Beatles. George is sporting a Tomlin Plus.
I'm pretty sure the main reason I enjoyed today's game so much was that the team hit well, scored runs and Tomlin pitched like a sonofagun!

Would you believe if I told you Tomlin (and his facial hair) only struck out 1 tonight? In the 7 innings he pitched he did only strike out one. He actually gave up 8 hits too! But you'll have that against the best-hitting team (average and hits) in the NL. They only got 1 extra base off him, and one walk. He was in the groove tonight. With how fast him and Westbrook were pitching I was expecting the game to be over by 9 PM. And you know what? He only threw 76 pitches. I'm guessing they were all quality.

The bullpen was a treat again tonight! Smith gave up two hits to Molina and Craig but those dudes are hitting waaaaaay over .300. Remember that guy Freese who hit all of those homers in last year's post-season? Struck him out. Struck out Matt Holiday, too. Hagadone didn't give up any hits and struck out one, while Perez warmed up in the 'pen for no real reason than to let people know that he's returned, suckers.

Choo wasn't hitting tonight but he was leggin' it out there in the field. There's a lot of ground to cover out there!

Asdrubal and Kipnis picked up the slack by both going 2 for 5 tonight and both coming around to score. Kipnis got an RBI, too. That's two multi-hit games in a row for Kipnis and a 10-game hitting streak for Asdrubal! Once again, dazzling in the field too. Don't forget to vote for them to be in the All Star Game!

Kipnis hit himself in the knee/shin area with a foul ball early in the game. Made me sick - that's just about what happened to the 4-6-week Hafner. Hafner also finished his game like Kipnis did tonight. Kipnis is the LAST guy we need to lose, holy smokes...

Santana didn't disappoint today, going 1 for 4 with a RBI double. He also hit one that was a hit except for the awesome play on the other end. And he walked which they say "is a good sign" that he is on his way back. And he didn't strike out once!

Michael Brantley stretched his streak to 16 today :) :) Not only that but he got his first hit early and then got ANOTHER hit to go 2 for 4! WITH an RBI and a run. Here's a weird thing, tho - he struck out twice. And he struck out twice yesterday. Trying too hard? Maybe. Someone send him a memo to chill out. You know - be smooth.

Johnny Damon was a useful member of the team today and got a 2-run homer.

Kotchman was crazy good in the field today, as usual. And he proved himself reliable at the plate going 1 for 4, which is near what his .222 average lead you to expect. So, above-average hitting by Kotchman today - with a bonus RBI!

Lonnie Chisenhall was not Chisenhall-esque exciting today - no homers, no stolen bases - but he was Kotchmen-esque exciting also going 1 for 4, just like Casey. Unlike Casey, that is slightly under average for him.

Josh Tomlin! Yeah, not only did he pitch 7 but he also got himself a RBI single, stinging one to right field just like the "professional hitters" before him! What's not to like about Tomlin's performance tonight?!

Guess what - the game is on FOX tomorrow so I get to watch AGAIN! Happy days! Normally I love the radio and in fact I listen to the radio during TV broadcasts anyway. But the arches....and Tom Hamilton is away for the weekend so I'm happy having the TV for the missing color.

Tom's away because he's in Eugene, Oregon watching the Golden Flashes play in the NCAA baseball semi-finals. His son, Nick, is the team's DH. If you haven't already, read these articles about Nick Hamilton from The Plain Dealer and The Akron Beacon Journal. Amazing kid with an amazing family. If you are a fan of Hammy's - and if you read this blog I'm pretty sure you are - then you're going to be one huge fan of Nick's. I can't wait to see that kid in a Tribe uniform! What a great attitude!

Anyway, I'll stop gushing. Tomorrow night is another one against the 2011 World Champions of Baseball, in their beautiful arch-y stadium. And bonus for all of us without cable - it's on FOX! Two nights in a row! Nobody better call me to tell me they ripped out their bathroom and need a hand (that's what happened last time I meant to chill and watch a game on a Saturday night.)

I will see you there - and that's a promise!

Radio Chatter:
"I'd assumed the Indians retired my number when I left, but Tomlin's out there wearing it."
- Scott Bailes

"There's a league rule that there has to be 2 minutes 30 seconds between innings. Westbrook hates that rule. He is ready at a minute and a half and has to wait around"
- Jim Rosenhaus

"He's got a shutout going... I bet he's more proud of that [RBI single]."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Josh Tomlin's hit

"The Cardinals, maybe they used up all their runs last night."
- Jim Rosenhaus on the Cardinals' 14-run game

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