Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Like Those Tigers!

So, how did you think this game was going to go when Detroit's rookie pitcher struck out our first three batters, and Ubaldo hit their first batter? Did you think he would go 6 2/3 innings? Did you think we'd get 3 RBI triples?

Me neither!

There's something about the Tigers this year that brings out the best in our team. Our pitchers haven't looked outstanding since we played them at home at the end of May. Prince Fielder has gone 3 for 16 against us this year. Miggy has gone 5 for 15.

How did you think Ubaldo would do today? Who knows anymore, right? He did as expected - and I don't mean as expected by you and me, but as expected by the people who hired him. Hooray! He only walked 1 in his 6 2/3 innings which is the fewest he's walked this year. He only gave up 2 runs which is the fewest he's given up on the road since April. And he got his first win in Comerica Park!

I don't know what this means for the future of Ubaldo but I've come to learn that you can't speculate on that guy, only do a happy dance when he does good. He done good!

Hagadone finished the 7th inning with aplomb, then the Tigers fans got treated to our 1-2 punch of Pestano and Perez. You know Pestano rocked it, striking out 2. Perez gave up 2 hits and a run and I was all "WHAT?" but I shoulda known better...he came down from the drama to finish it off and get save number 18. Rage!

CHOOOOOOOO! Rockin' a 5-game hit streak. Did you vote for him in the All Star Game? Cuz you know he's not only a first-rate hitter but also a first-rate fielder (see also: final play of the game). He is trying to learn how to be a first-rate baserunner too but that is coming slowly.

Asdrubal was back at #2, so they can flippy-flop the lefties. He got an RBI triple!! As soon as anyone gets a triple I'm all looking for the cycle. Of course that was all the hits he got but he did have another bomb to center but unfortunately someone was waiting underneath it that time. He did save Perez's ass in the 9th with an a-mazing play in the 9th but MLB has not seen fit to post it online so you're going to have to imagine it, just like I did. In the meantime you can vote for Asdrubal to go to the All Star Game.

Not sure what's up with Kipnis. Not like he's in a slump or anything, or that he's all of a sudden bad. Just two games without any Kipnising is surprising!! While we're waiting you should for him to be in the All Star Game.

Santana is back! He didn't do anything, tho. Not even a walk.

Duncan was our man in left today. I guess Damon is hurt. No comment. Shelley went 0 for 3 with a walk, and turned that walk in to a run!

COUSIN MICHAEL BRANTLEY HAS A 13 GAME HITTING STREAK! :) He got himself a triple today, too! An RBI triple, and then two walks. Fact: Michael Brantley has only walked a total of 12 times this season - twice tonight. Are they starting to put him on??

Hey Matt LaPorta! What's up? He went 1 for 3 today then was pulled in favor of Kotchman. I don't know why, I guess for a pitcher flippy-flop. Kotchman then went 1 for 1! Old man likes his rest!

Lonnie Chisenhall didn't get a hit but that's ok, he got on base then came around to score.

Who DID get a hit - two hits! - was Lou Marson! Guy's got a 5-game hitting streak now and Hamilton was pontificating about him staying behind the plate while Santana is DH or first. I like that plan, if Lou's going to hit. Oh did you know one of his hits was a RBI triple? His batting average went up by 30 points!

So what do you think? Easy peasy sweep of the Kitties? Perhaps all our pitchers got the nasties out of their system and they're pumped enough to really stick it to these guys. The White Sox are losing at the moment so that's good. One down and 8 to go on this road trip - let's keep it going!

Another one at 7:05 tomorrow in Detroit. So excited. See you there!

Oh and check out the goodies from Hamilton today! So much Radio Chatter, glad he is back! AND the Golden Flashes won so yay Flashes! Boo missing Hammy next weekend but whatever, we'll manage...

Radio Chatter:
"For Jiminez, Comerica park is like Nightmare on Elm Street."
- Tom Hamilton on Jiminez's 0-4 record in Detroit

"Young had too much happy juice at 2 in the morning."
- Tom Hamilton on Delmon Young's suspension

"Drew Smyly is only a rookie but he's already heard. 'Don't throw Santana a fastball, he'll chase a changeup.'"
- Tom Hamilton on Santana's debut strikeout

"Some of the Tiger people were saying tonight that Prince Fielder is the worst first baseman they've ever seen."
- Tom Hamilton

"Just enough time to do the laundry and pack 'em up again."
"I bet you'll make Carol do that too..."
- Jim Rosenhaus and Tom Hamilton on the Indians' road trips in June

"Wow. Outside of Yellowstone, this is the only park that's not a home run in."
- Tom Hamilton on Asdrubal's caught bomb in the 5th

"It was a great story, except it wasn't factual. But it's radio so that means we can get away with a few things."
- Tom Hamilton on his long story about draft picks signing deadlines and Smyly being signed late

"Well you give Cabrera four strikes and he'll come through."
- Tom Hamilton thought that was strike 3

"You can put the house on a fourth strikeout right here. [...] Evidently Manny Gonzalez not a betting man."
- Tom Hamilton on a ball during Matt Young's fourth at-bat

"Let me tell you, there were no Pilgrims here at that game..."
- Tom Hamilton on angry Lions fans at the Thanksgiving football game

"Do you think Prince thinks the umpire will say 'You know what? Let's call him out.'"
- Tom Hamilton on Fielder tagging Brantley repeatedly while he's safe at first

"For a guy batting .198, he always seems to be a thorn in the Indians side, for whatever reason..."
- Tom Hamilton on Ramon Santiago

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