Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cousin Michael Goes Yard

Exciting game tonight! A little too much excitement on the Detroit side for my taste, but in the end the Good Guys triumphed - in no small part thanks to Michael Brantley!

Jeanmar only went 5 innings and he gave up 6 runs. But he got the win. he had a lot of help from the rest of the team both defensively and offensively that's for sure. It was like Justin Masterson's dream game! This was probably payback for Jeanmar "taking car of" the Royals earlier and then taking one horrible outing for the team back in early May.

Also paying tribute to Jeanmar tonight was the bullpen, who were PERFECT over 4 innings (except for a triple which wasn't Perez's fault, it was more Choo's fault.) This included Tony Sipp of all people! Sipp, Smith, Pestano and Perez. A lot hung on Sipp doing well and this time he DID. He gave up nothing and struck out one. Then it was no surprise what Smith et al were going to do. Vinnie leads the league in holds and Perez leads in saves. Mafia!

Two big things happened on the offensive side today: guys who should have had a multi-hit game had a multi-hit game and we got some home runs. Oh yeah, and our LOB was a low 5!

Choo went 3 for 5!!! He's one of the guys we need to get those multi-hit games. Of course one of his hits was a double, and he came in to score all 3 times!

Asdrubal is heating back up! He's got an 8-game hitting streak. Today he went 2 for 5 with a run and an RBI. He's another guy we need to have a multi-hit game. Of course, they all should. But I think he and Choo set the pace. By the way, Asdrubal was dazzling on the field tonight. So don't forget to vote for him for the All Star Game.

Kipnis finally had a hit after 2 games without one! He went 1 for 4 with a walk, a run and an RBI.

Santana still hasn't figured it out yet. He was back behind the plate today. He hasn't hit since May 22, then his last game was the 25th, and he hasn't hit in the 2 games he's been back. HOWEVER he did get on today due to an error so at least he put the ball in play and hustled. Better than a strikeout. In fact, he didn't strike out at all today and only once yesterday. More progress!

MICHAEL BRANTLEY HAS A 14 GAME HITTING STREAK! AND THEN HE HIT HIS FIRST HOME RUN!! He is HOT STUFF, I tell you what! He's creeping up on Asdrubal with a .282 average (Asdrubal .297) He got 3 RBI out of that homer, giving him 14 RBI over his 14-game streak. Uh-huh.

Ok so Johnny Damon is back from paternity leave. He's got new twin baby girls. Remember when Choo came back from paternity leave and was crazy good for a minute? That's what Johnny did today. He took away a home run from Prince Fielder, went 1 for 2 at the plate, walked twice, stole a base and got 2 RBI. So, well done New Damons 4 and 5, you have inspired a very old man to play baseball well.

Casey Kotchman! HE got a homer tonight, yes he did! My friends would like me to submit "The Krotch" as a nickname for him. But uhm...I don't think I agree. Does he even need a nickname? I bet you usually forget he's on the team. Until someone muffs a ball at first 'cuz he's not in, that is. He had at least one good dig-out today, and was part of a few nice plays from Asdrubal. Long live KOTCHman!

Awww, Matt LaPorta and Lonnie Chisenhall did nothing today. Not cool, fellas. Kind of amazing we did so well without the DH and the "hot new guy" doing anything but nobody expects the Brantley or Kotchman!

We'd better complete the sweep tomorrow. How fucking AWESOME would that be? There's no Verlander in sight so we've got a huge possibility of going 6-0 against the Tigers this year. *BOGGLE*

Questions for tomorrow: Is Derek Lowe firmly back on track? Since Damon had twins, will he be good two days in a row? Can Brantley make it 15 games? Will LaPorta and Lonnie do anything worth mentioning? Is Kipnis going to start being on a tear soon? Can we go 6-0 against the Tigers? If Chicago loses tonight and tomorrow, will be alone in first place? (Math!)

Such an exciting game tomorrow, I might burst! Seriously, how can people say baseball is boring?

So I'll see you then, at 1:05. Don't forget to take your radio to work!

Radio Chatter:
"It's almost as if the Indians are putting on a defensive clinic to show the Tigers what can happen when you have bad defence like they did in the first inning."
- Tom Hamilton

"Wow. If Jim Leyland was provoked last night what is there going to be to yell about tonight?"
- Tom Hamilton

"Holsday is going 'I'm just up from Toledo, I don't know if I should go talk to this big league pitcher .'"
- Tom Hamilton on the Tigers' rookie catcher

"It has to be raining somewhere, just looking at the clouds. It's like a scene from Ghostbusters."
- Tom Hamilton

"They're having fun out there tonight, aren't they?"
"Isn't it amazing what winning does?"
- Jim Rosenhaus and Tom Hamilton

"The Big Potato. Isn't that what they were calling him last year?"
"To his face?"
"Probably not."
- Jim Rosenhaus and Tom Hamilton on Jose Valverde

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