Thursday, June 7, 2012

O Noes, Derek Lowe!

Oh boffins, I bet you thought I forgot about you. That I listened to the game this afternoon and buried myself in my work then came home and buried myself in a hot bath and did my best to wash off this loss. But, not so. I just got busy at work then after work stuff. I am here now!

You know who was most upset about this game? Derek Lowe. You can tell he's upset because he threw a cooler full of ice in the dugout and that's not something a seasoned veteran does that often. Lowe is from Detroit and he had some 30 family members in the stands today. Plus it was game 3 where we'd rolled over the Tigers twice already. Plus he fucking rocks and should not be giving up 7 runs in 5 innings. But that's what he did. For some reason I can excuse this more than any of our other starters when they suck. Lowe's done so well for us this year, it's just as hard for us to see him do bad as it is for him.

Scott Barnes came in for 2 and was lights out. His ERA is still 0. Jeremy Accardo did the same and is pitching 1.54. Nice stuff from the "low end" of our bullpen!

The offense actually almost came back. The Tigers defense tried to give it back. But we came so close and it slipped away. Sorry, Derek Lowe. It was just not your day.

Our man Choo is at it again - a SEVEN game hitting streak in which he has gotten 12 hits!! He went 2 for 5 today but neither of hit hits were doubles. Weird! He of course came around to score.

Asdrubal's still getting it done, at the plate and on the field. HE got a double, because he is awesome and it was a two-run double. He also walked and came around to score, because that's the kind of stand-up guy he is. You should take a moment and vote for him in the All Star Game. You know he would vote for you. Well not for shortstop, because he wants to be the all star shortstop, and play every day!

Hey, welcome back Jason Kipnis! The JK Kid woke up and went 2 for 4 today and of course he stole another base because that's what Kipnis does now. He also showed a little patience and walked, and turned two of his on-bases in to runs. We need that guy!

Everyone can take a breath now - Santana's back! Well, I dunno maybe I'm jumping the gun but dammit, I've been waiting patiently! He went 1 for 4 today with an RBI and a walk. That's one! Now he can just continue on getting hits every game! We won't mention how he tried to stretch a single in to a double and was out by a mile...wouldn't want to embarrass him on his first day "back."

LOPEZ! Rockin a 1 for 2 tonight with one walk, one double, one sac fly and 2 RBI! Maybe he is fighting for his job? It does not hurt us that we've got 3 awesome guys fighting for 3rd base. Well, until we send one of them to the Red Sox.

OMFG MICHAEL BRANTLEY WITH A 15 GAME HITTING STREAK!! He got on base earlier thanks to Prince Fielder being awful, but he was cutting it close hit-wise, not getting one until the 8th inning. If we ignore Santana, our top 6 (well, 5) hitters are batting a .282 average. That equals the average for all of the Rangers, the top team in the league for average.

Casey Kotchman! Slowly and quietly working his way up the average ladder. Tiny hitting streak at 3. Today he went a crazy 2 for 4. Unfortunately the guys around him weren't knocking the ball around at the same time so he didn't get any runs or RBI.

Did you know Marson has a 7-game hitting streak? Amazing what every day of play will do. Of course he's still scraping the bottom of the barrel average-wise but he's been consistent and useful. Today he went 1 for 4 with a run so he's doing the same stuff as Santana is.

Choices, choices!

Well, now we move on to the St. Louis Cardinals. All I know about the Cards is that I rooted for them in the World Series and they looked amazing and unstoppable. But that was last year and so far this year they're only playing .500 ball.

Oh yeah the pitcher we're facing tomorrow? Jake Westbrook. He was totes my faves when he was on our team and I was crushed to see him go. His stats this year look pretty much the same as always, around a 4 ERA. So we might not get too far with him.

Speaking of St. Louis pitching, there's some other Indians blog-like thing that is not TribeVibe or the Indians Tumblr or MLBlogs but something called Cut4 which has entries separated by city. To get around to the St. Louis pitching part, the latest entry has a video of Chris Perez doing his "You can't see me" thing, which I don't think was previously available. Chris Perez used to pitch for the Cardinals, you know. We win! But anyway, check out Cut4, whatever it is.

I also like the blog for Topps Bunt. Bunt is an iApp but apparently only for iPad. I couldn't find it for my iPod Touch. I am not even sure what I'm missing. But their little blog is pretty good, with weird little videos from around baseball and even non-MLB baseball. Scroll down past the app update posts for videos. There's a video of Charlie Manuel getting into an argument with an ump that just made me laugh. I can only imagine how it sounded. You've seen Waterboy? It sounded like that.

Ok that's enough from me. Good try at a comeback today, bad job by Derek Lowe. He's sorry and he's sorry he threw that cooler.

It's another day tomorrow in St. Louis. An 8:05 start so I'll actually have time to fix dinner beforehand. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"You can watch all the video you want, but as a hitter there's nothing like seeing it in person."
- Tom Hamilton on the Indians facing Crosby for the first time

"Everyone wants to know 'Did your team have a good draft?' but how do you really know until 5 years later?"
- Jim Rosenhaus

"Where would this club be without Jose Lopez?"
- Tom Hamilton after Lopez's RBI double

"The Tigers are desperate for a win. They can't afford to lose this game today, not with a 7-1 lead."
- Tom Hamilton

"He comes charging to the mound like a bull running the streets in Spain. He almost bowled over Leland who is trying to give him the ball."
- Tom Hamilton on

"Rocker woulda decked the driver and driven the cart himself."
- Tom Hamilton on the idea of John Rocker being driven to the mound in a funny cart

"He can call home tonight and say 'Cabrera and Fielder, they're not that good.'"
- Tom Hamilton on Scott Barnes

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