Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unexpected Loss

Boy - when I heard we'd be facing a right-hander tonight, I was relieved. I was like "Yeah! Big hits today!" Then when we got 2 hits and a run in the first inning I was all "You are so right!"

Then that was pretty much it. No more runs, four more hits.

BUT MICHAEL BRANTLEY GOT A HIT!!! Nineteen game hitting streak. NINETEEN! I'm 42% less sad at losing today since Brantley kept his going.

But, Asdrubal lost his (he was at 12) so that makes me 14% more sad. Sigh.

So how did Jeanmar do? While he only pitched 5 innings just like his last 4 outings, he only gave up 2 runs (1 earned) much unlike his last 3 outings in which he gave up 5 and 6 runs in each game. After the 5th, Manny thought he wasn't looking too good so he decided to bring in some relievers.

Bad move. Previously-reliable and now-somtimes-unreliable Joe Smith gave up 1. Sipp only gave up one.  Then Accardo was like "Ima do better than the rest of y'all!" and gave up 3. Ha!

So even though we can't hit lefties, it turns out we can't hit great righties either. That...does not bode well, huh? Also we looked sloppy in the field.

Choo is all "I don't like lefties! They hurt me!" but he didn't do too well against Cueto today. He did go 1 for 4 which we like to see - better than 4 strikeouts or something!

Kipnis didn't have a multi-hit game. Hmm..this guy MUST be pretty tough if Kipnis was held to 1 for 4.

Although, Santana got a hit and so did Jeanmar Gomez. But I'm thinking Cueto was just throwing some junk our of boredom. He did go 9 innings afterall!

Brantley was held to just 1 but oh what a 1 it was!! He then tried to steal a base to cap it off but that plan backfired.

Lonnie Chisenhall had Cueto figured out! Well, 1 out of the 3 times he faced the guy. The other 2 times, Cueto had him figured out and struck him out.

In other news: The Golden Flashes are going to the College World Series!! How cool is that? Suck it, Akron, is how cool that is. They're going to be facing off against all these warm-weather schools (UCLA, Arizona, Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina) and uhmm...Stony Brook. Yeah I dunno - New York. So do indeed relish your time with Hammy this week because if things go according to him he'll be gone from the 16th to the 25th while he watches his son Nick and the Flashes go all the way!

Glad we've got a high note to leave on.

Tomorrow is Derek Lowe against another right hander, with a much higher ERA. So I'm going to set myself up for that one too and say "Yeah! Big hits tomorrow!"

We'll see you tomorrow night and see how that turns out!

Radio Chatter:
"I don't know what 'hermetically' means, it just sounds good."
- Tom Hamilton after mentioning that he and Rosie are in a hermetically sealed bubble to keep from getting sick

"He'll say 'Dad how many hits did you have in the NCAA Super Regional?'"
- Tom Hamilton after mentioning his son wasn't hitting well over the weekend

"Johnny Cueto runs the bases like he's 75 years old, and that may be a disservice to those of you who are actually 75."
- Tom Hamilton

"There's not going to be any suspense in the 9th inning. The Reds have taken all of the drama out of this one."
- Tom Hamilton

"Maybe he'll leave Cueto in so he can get some cheers on the way back to the dugout."
- Tom Hamilton on Dusty Baker visiting the mound to "boo"s in the 9th

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