Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is This Rock Bottom?

Or perhaps, more accurately, we hit rock bottom sometime during this game. By the 9th inning, we'd already began our ascent skyward.

Perhaps rock bottom was when Jack Hannahan was called out on a fantastic into-the-seats foul ball out that wasn't. Jack got thrown out later after he saw a replay and challenged the ump on it. Perhaps he was saying to the ump "hey fuck you, we do enough on our own to lose games we don't need you pushing us down! Erin go Bragh!" Then once the team realized that hey yeah they were losing games all by themselves and now the umps were against them too, perhaps it was time to step up.

We were about to be shut out for only the second time this year, with 2 outs in the 9th, when that Damon guy clearly sent some sort of Bat Signal to his former teammate/replacement Curtis Granderson in order to get a ball to drop in the 9th with Kipnis on 3rd. Then good 'ol Casey Kotchman kept it alive with a single, and in an interesting twist of fate, the guy who was brought in for the tossed Hannahan (LOPEZ!) jacked a 3-run dinger bringing us within 2.

Of course, it ended in a loss - the first time this year we've lost 4 in a row - but at least it wasn't a shutout. And this is totally weird but almost everybody hit today. Santana was the lone guy out. GAH if only he'd had a multi-hit game instead of a no-hit (and no on-base) game. It coulda been a winner.

Hafner is playing in Columbus. He'll be back soon. Perhaps by the end of the week! Although I don't know what happens to a Dakota boy when you put him in Baltimore in late June. I'm guessing something like this:

Gosh, it's hot.

Not expecting to get any run support, Justin Masterson let 4 runs get by him in his 6 innings. If our batters are done fucking around and hitting rock bottom, maybe it's ok if he's going to pitch like that. Four was an overcome-able amount earlier in the season.

Two guys who don't seem to be rising with this phoenix are Sipp and Hagadone. Sipp's last outing was fine but once again he gave up a run in the late innings. And Hagadone...he's toast. He gave up a run too.

It's all speculation right now - and most likely blind hope - but after scoring 8 runs in a game then going on to score 5 runs in 4 games, getting 4 last-minute runs today was pretty spectacular. It's something I'm going to be hanging my hat on until tomorrow around 4 PM.

It's a 1:05 game tomorrow. Hopefully everyone still has glitter in their hair from tonight and it'll be awesome. Ubaldo is presently showing up as Good Ubaldo so that gives us a shot. Of course, the opposing pitcher is Andy Pettitte but let me swing it this way for you - we've sucked against CHILDREN as of late. Little boy pitchers. Perhaps they confuse and alarm us. Maybe we need a nice veteran with a big book that is "the devil we know."

You think, maybe? I'm gonna keep dreaming. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Our wives will be surprised how much we've changed on this road trip."
"How have we changed?"
"Oh I think we've matured a lot."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus

"If it's going to be 100 degrees in Baltimore, that means 95 percent humidity."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's actually cheaper to land a helicopter than it is to park a car here at Yankee Stadium."
- Tom Hamilton

"Our wonderful engineer back at command central has already dubbed the tape and is emailing it to me..."
- Tom Hamilton's ears were burning while he was away in the 4th

"Big crowd, entertaining itself. Throwing peanuts and hot dogs at each other."
- Tom Hamilton is sort of bored and maybe a little jealous

"It's almost as if the umpire is saying 'great effort, you're out!'"
- Tom Hamilton on an obviously missed foul ball catch

"They feel like they can ever be challenged, they can never be wrong. That's why you will see more instant replay in the future because of people like Mike DiMuro. [...] Mike DiMuro will be having to
watch that replay on ESPN for the rest of the week and it'll make him the laughing stock of the profession."
- Tom Hamilton

"Derek Jeter plays the game the way you'd want your kids to play."
- Tom Hamilton

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