Monday, June 25, 2012

Feeding the Stereotype

Remember how well Josh Tomlin pitched last time? It was when I had met him the day before, on Photo Day, and shook his hand. He went 6 2/3 and gave up 1 run.

Tonight he was in NYC shaking God Knows Who's hands, and he only lasted 3 innings, not before giving up 6 runs. Ho hum.

His pal Jeanmar Gomez got sent down yesterday. Is Josh next? Maybe he was hella nervous about his future. Jeanmar going down meant Barnes coming up so at least we had a long reliever to cover for him. Barnes did give up 1 run in his 2 2/3 innings but it's suspected that he pitched 1/3 innings too much. I like him so far but I also liked Nick Hagadone once...I'm not gonna get too attached.

Rogers (our other long reliever) came in for the rest of the 6th and the 7th and struck out 2 for his 4 outs. Accardo finished it out with no more runs.

Of course, our batters still aren't doing very well. Just like yesterday. Doesn't matter that our starter melted down because we weren't going to beat the opposing pitcher anyway. Even though Yankee Stadium APPARENTLY is generous to the long ball. Doesn't make a difference to the once-first-but-now-12th home-run hitting team. The Yankees, on the other hand, had fun showing Tomlin what they could do (3 times!)

We actually did almost mount a comeback in the 8th. Lonnie singled, Choo doubled and they took out their starter. The first 2 hits went towards Nick Swisher in right, and so did the next 3. He wisened up and caught the last 3, leaving us with just a sac fly RBI.

Choo ended up going 2 for 4, the only guy with a multi-hit game. Brantley is back on the hitting horse again, going 1 for 3 with NO STRIKEOUTS! Johnny Damon got on base once. No one else did anything.

So yeah, whatever - the Indians went to New York and the Yankees teed off on our pitcher, their fielders caught all of our stuff, and their pitcher seriously out-pitched our team. I suppose that's the general, 100-plus-year-m.o. of the Yankees, but not the 2012 Yankees. What really happened was that our started had a melt down and our hitters can't hit.

Oh well, there's more baseball tomorrow. Maybe someone will go nuts in the clubhouse tonight and light a fire under these guys. But probably not. They're probably going to do New-Yorky things like shoe shopping and carriage rides in Central Park. Or get distracted by the MLB Fan Cave.

See you tomorrow, 7:05 for more of the game you love.

Radio Chatter:
"Nobody's talking about Jeter making a position switch. He will play shortstop until the day he retires."
 - Tom Hamilton

"How big was the turkey? That leg is huge! The turkey must have been a former Rockette."
- Tom Hamilton on the Yankee Stadium turkey legs

"For the first time in a long time the Indians are getting good relief work from somebody not named Joe Smith, Vinnie Pestano or Chris Perez."
- Tom Hamilton on Scott Barnes

"The way Kuroda is pitching, it seems like even 0-2 would be a huge deficit."
- Tom Hamilton

"If Teixeira didn't get hit on the right hand, he's a real thespian. Then again, this is Broadway."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you're down 7-0 you'd better be able to walk in to second."
- Tom Hamilton on Chisenhall's long single

"It's Chris Perez times 10 in terms of energy."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Nick Swisher

"At one time he could throw in the mid-90s. He still can, he just needs to be 40 feet from the plate to do so."
- Tom Hamilton Freddie Garcia

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