Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Promising Bits

Whew, ok, glad not to be in first place anymore. It's not natural for a Cleveland team, yaknow. It's also very hard this early in the season. It's one thing to end the season on top but to keep it up over 150+ games? That takes something special. Our guys are special but not THAT special.

I was really hopeful for today's game after yesterday's game and then today's first inning. In today's first inning, Michael Brantley got a triple and an error on which he scored. Then Asdrubal got a double, and CHOOOOO! got himself a triple. THAT was pretty exciting right there. That was 2011 Indians baseball.

But, Talbot gave up 2 in the bottom of the 1st and then 2 more and then 2 more and that was that.

Oh wait, that wasn't all. There was also this awesomeness by Asdrubal Cabrera's tattoo. WATCH IT!

After all that tho, yeah, the first inning and Asdrubal's "circus play" that was about it.

I did however find this for you: The Dugout Sports Show :60 with Pure Rage. Did you know about that? Lucky for us the video interviews aren't 60 seconds at all - more like 4 minutes! It's awesome stuff. So awesome I can't even watch them all right now. I've swallowed two and they were amazing. I think Perez IS Kenny Powers. Watch for new episodes during each homestand.

I hope that made you feel a little better, boffins. I know it sure helped me!

Everyone has the night off to enjoy life as they see fit, that's an order! We'll have to do things that can't be augmented by a baseball game, unlike gardening, chillin' on the deck or mowing the lawn. Me, I like to go grocery shopping on nights like these. I don't feel safe listening to the radio in the grocery store. Gotta watch out for all the people talking on phones and being otherwise generally obnoxious.

Ok so see you Friday night for the Pirates. You heard me - Pirates!!

Radio Chatter: 
"The Indians get a little-league home run and lead one to nothing."
- Tom Hamilton

"One - where was Boesch going? And second - that's a dangerous play! [...] It's a routine first inning, folks..."
- Tom Hamilton on Asdrubal's double play to end the first inning

"Wow...Brennan Boesch runs like he's 50!"
- Tom Hamilton on Boesch missing a ball in the outfield in the 3rd

"Some of the umpires that paid to get in today are not happy with that call. They always put them in the good seats behind the plate, too."
 - Jim Rosenhaus

"One thing to say about Jose Valverde...he is not on any kind of a fruit diet."
- Tom Hamilton on the Tigers' 6'4" 255# closer

"Valverde's body language would give you the idea that the last place in the world he wants to be is Comerica Park."
- Tom Hamilton

"Right now he's the Dominican's version of Burl Ives. Throws a little harder tho."
- Tom Hamilton on Valverde's goatee

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