Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not No-Hit

Well a few games ago I relished us not being shut out, and now I'm just happy we're not no-hit!

Verlander has always had our number, and especially so tonight. He looked good, that's all we can say.

He hit Choo in the first inning, so that was all for the perfect game. Brantley eked out a walk in the 7th. The unlikely candidates for hits tonight? Orlando and Santana in the 8th and 9th.

It's true - not even Asdrubal managed to hit Verlander tonight!

Choo did get a home run, which is encouraging. Except Austin Jackson pulled it back into the park, so it was more of an out than a run.

Pitching? Eh...it was no Carrasco - Sipp - Pestano - Perez, no sir. Masterson gave up 5 walks, but only 2 earned runs and struck out 4 in 6.1 innings.

Yeah our defense didn't back him up too well again, and of course neither did our offense. Brantley did do this though.

Hey, guess what! Hafner played for Akron tonight. It's beginning of a rehab assignment. I'm still not clear on when he's coming back...Maybe this weekend against the Pirates? We can't really use him from the 20th to July 3rd when we're AWAY against national league teams. He'll probably make one appearance per night, for the pitcher.

Tomorrow we're not facing Justin Verlander, so that's good. The guy we are facing has had some troubles recently so perhaps we can capitalize on that?

See you tomorrow!

Radio Chatter:
"So the Indians defensively are letting down Justin Masterson."
- Tom Hamilton

"A fan somehow reached up and snagged that foul ball. That's the kind of defense the Indians are looking for."
- Tom Hamilton

"Right now the way he [Verlander] looks, I'd be shocked if the Indians got a hit. Nothing against the Indians offense but this kid would be no-hitting anybody tonight."
- Tom Hamilton

"I wonder how many people in the Motor City are trying to get down here to get a ticket tonight. History is in the making."
- Tom Hamilton

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