Friday, June 3, 2011


You know who's not panicking? Manny Acta. I like to say that John Adams is the patron saint of The Positive Tribe, but Manny Acta is the Pope. He's the one in direct contact with God (is that how that works?) After every game during his interviews he's just cool as a cucumber saying stuff like "hey we won 2 out of the last 4" and "errors will happen." He told Paul Hoynes (I think it was him...someone named Paul) "Hey, I'm a positive guy!" Love it!

Didja see? Asdrubal got home run #11. He also got 2 singles and went 3 for 4, putting his average at .307. He also looked niiiiice on the field. Although doesn't seem to find it video-worthy.

Travis Buck, HE was video-worthy tonight with this catch early in the game. It is not better than Baltimore's Adam Jones' catch on Wednesday but it does end with a satisfying "thud."

Jack Hannahan is out for a smidge due to some over-third-basing last night that made him sore, so Adam Everett was in for him. I think he let a few go past him that Supermanahan would have gotten. What do you think?

Masterson didn't rock it out today, but he did get 7 strikeouts in 6.1 innings. I would say that the team let him down tonight. Also letting him down was the bullpen, who did not look like our bullpen at all today. At. All.

But, Justin...shave your goddamn beard. That style beard does not become anyone, and it certainly doesn't become a man with a shaved head. Come back to earth, call your mother. I'm sure Sandy Alomar can give you a tip on a good barber who will shave you.

Asdrubal was the subject of Anthony Castrovince's column on today. I know how much you love reading about Asdrubal, that's why you're here! So, read some more.

I'm sorry to say guys that for the second night in a row I don't have any radio chatter for you today. I got a last-minute invite to go hang out with my niece. It worked out ok because we hadn't practiced our CHOOOO! in a while. But I didn't hear a lick of radio and I apologize.

Tomorrow I will be AT the game and I SWEAR TO OG THAT RIGHT NOW I AM GOING TO MAKE MY POSTER! I have the poster board and the markers sitting on the kitchen table. Gonna

Anyway if anyone submits Radio Chatter for Saturday's game I swear I won't swoop back in and overwrite it. If not, I might actually listen to the games on Sunday night and find some chatter for you, maybe. I might end up missing Sunday's game on the radio too due to family stuff. You really cannot get a toddler to sit and listen to the radio with you!

So, anyone willing to get me at least 2 quotes from the next 2 games (or 5 or 10!) would be thanked profusely. If not, I'll figure something out.

Two more against the Rangers. Look for me tomorrow in the front row of the mezzanine section 311, with my "OMG ASDRUBAL!!" sign and a sunburn.

Baseball and fireworks set to Star Wars music. A Saturday night doesn't get much better than that!

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