Monday, June 13, 2011

Shake It Up

Man, I really wish the title of tonight's post wasn't the same as a Cars song, in case someone thinks I like The Cars. I don't, just so you know.

Manny Acta had told us to "wait until Monday" to see if there was anything funny happening to the lineup. Here's tonight's starting lineup:
DH Sizemore, 1B Santana, CF Brantley, SS ACabrera, RF Choo, LF Buck, 2B Phelps, 3B Hannahan, C Marson

Not terribly different but it puts Grady in first and Brantley third instead of down in the 6ish-spot when Grady hit first last time. Santana second instead of cleanup. Asdrubal cleanup which is a no-brainer (but still Walter to Brantley's Perry) and Phelps in the lineup instead of Orlando.

What does all of that madness get us? Well not 7 runs or even 7 hits but a WIN! And what's better than a win? A win against the Yankees in New York!

Asdrubal got that RBI, you know. Him and Brantley teamed up to get all of the run tonight.

Let's not talk about that though. Let's talk about our pitching tonight. OMG I AM LOVING CARLOS CARRASCO! I saw him the last time he pitched, the last time we won, the last time it was 1-0. That was when I sat next to the Indians bull pen and got to watch him warm up.

Carrasco - who, let's face it, NOBODY saw coming - went 7 innings with 7 strikeouts and no runs. He got himself into an honest-to-goodness JAM in the 1st with the bases loaded, then getting a flyout (A-Rod), strikeout, groundout. He gave up 3 walks and as many hits as the other starter, but, as Hammy said, "got stronger as the night went on."

He also says "Jankee Stadium" in the post-game interview and says "I do my best for my team." How precious.

Then Tony Sipp, who has some ridiculous ERA against the Yankees, comes in for the 8th and gets two outs. Then they flippity-flop to VinnieP and he takes care of the last out of the inning. I hear tell that Vinnie's sprint from the bullpen was booed. Whatever, New York.

Then - THEN! - Pure Rage Perez comes in and is all GAME OVER, NEW YORK! and strikes out the side. Three up, three down! IT WAS AWESOME! Save number 16.

Speaking of IT WAS AWESOME! Check this shit out from Jack Hannahan. That was all Asdrubal-y of him. Also check this shit out from the MLB Fan Cave and Jack Hannahan in a kilt. Apparently Jack Hannahan has a "legend" and it is "growing." Srsly.

So I am just happy happy tonight after this game. The pitching was so awesome. The defense was pretty good. The offense still needs a shot in the arm (Hafner. Soon.) but at least we still can count on Brantley and Asdrubal.

I got an Asdrubal baseball card today. How cool is that? Not signed or anything but still cool. I used to collect cards in the early 90s so I haven't seen ANY of these guys on cards, not even Orlando.

The Tigers are a half game behind us at the moment, but they are tied in the 9th with Tampa Bay. So when we wake up tomorrow we'll be facing the Tigers while tied with them or a whole game ahead of them.

We have no choice but to rock. Unlike The Cars, who do anything but.

Let's hope this momentum carries over to tomorrow's game! I know I'm excited! See you there, 7:05 PM.

Radio Chatter:
"[Umpire] Mike Muchlinski tells him 'look that's not going to be ball 3 after you just took a bunt like that.'"
- Tom Hamilton

"Well they just made an announcement here at Yankee Stadium that should clear some of the park. Eduardo Nunez is coming in to bat and play short for Derek Jeter."
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy, Jack Hannahan has played Gold Glove third base all season long."
- Tom Hamilton

"This might be one of those games where if you're going to win you've got to win one to nothing."
- Tom Hamilton

"The Indians looking to get out of New York with a 1-run win or better, and hoping that the Tigers and Tampa Bay play 23 innings."
- Tom Hamilton

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