Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just A Replay of Yesterday

Except I wasn't there. And Texas ended up using their bullpen for 4 outs.

Otherwise, a shutout for us and two homers by them.

I am pretty sure that the Rangers look how we looked about a month ago. Very sharp, very complete with their lineup and very hard to score runs off of.

Even though I watched the game on TV and just finished listening to the radio archive, I still don't have much to say about it. It really just felt like a replay of yesterday right down to me looking at the crowd thinking about how hot they must feel.

Our pitching was good. Talbot gave a good performance aside from the two homers. We've discussed it here on The Positive Tribe that our pitchers give up two homers at a time. And it was funny. Funny when our offense was getting 5-10 runs a game. Not so funny now!

Smith came in in the 7th after Talbot had left two on and then Smith walked the bases loaded. But he got out of it without giving up a run!

Sipp! Struck out the side! For all of the great pitching we've had this season, I don't know how often we've seen that!

Chris Perez once again gave up a hit before shutting them down in the 9th.

Our defense looked good today (yesterday too). Everett made a few really nice plays at 3rd, which is good because I think he missed a couple last night. Hannahan still out with some muscle soreness. Asdrubal, of course, is awesome. And check out this nice one by LaPorta in the third. He made another nice stop in the third too.

So, our pitching and defense have been up to snuff lately. Our bats are just STYMIED. What up with that? Hopefully we'll get our gears loosened a little bit against Minnesota here before we head off to the Bronx.

Since this post is so short, I'll show you some pictures from last night. The owner of these pictures can step forth and claim them as hers or remain anonymous. I won't take credit for them, though.

Although, I might steal that camera!

Radio Chatter:
"I wonder if there's something going on between Santana and Talbot. You don't see Belcher run out like that. I mean, he ran."
- Tom Hamilton with regards to an interesting meeting at the mound

"I bet this pleases the Rangers...CJ Wilson's hobbies include travelling - ok - surfing, and auto racing."
- Tom Hamilton

"I'll say one thing about home plate umpire Tim Timmons. He's been consistent in one area - he's got hitters upset on both ball clubs."
- Tom Hamilton

"Tim Timmons better not need a ride to the airport. Not one of the players would give him one!"
- Tom Hamilton, several innings later

"Boy it's a weekend when the Indians have hit a ball hard, it is right at someone."
- Tom Hamilton

"Nelson Cruz...has had two home runs in this series. What he thinks every time he comes to the plate is 'Let's see how far I can hit this puppy.'"
- Tom Hamilton

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