Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'll Be Honest - It Was a Downer

So the only good thing I can think of that happened during today's game was that I took a nap.

Ok, Mitch Talbot was looking pretty decent too, until he got thrown out for "throwing at" A-Rod. He didn't actually throw at A-Rod - he slipped on the wet mound. You could see the umpire on the TV saying "I don't care." If you recall, Fausto Carmona started a brawl yesterday after hitting Mark Teixeira. According to Jordan Bastian (@MLBastian):
When Talbot told ump he slipped on mound, the pitcher said the ump replied: "You slipped at the wrong time."
 Sigh. Ok.

Asdrubal did not get a hit today. I know Asdrubal can't get a hit every day. But he very much did not get a hit in the 8th when we so needed him to. Brantley got a hit today, but also did not get one in the 8th and neither did Grady. In fact, all three of them struck out.

Supermanahan did get a hit and in fact got two. One of them was a double. He never crossed the plate, though. You'd think that him having a little resurgence down there in the 8-spot would be perfect for our guys at 1, 2 and 3 who have been solid. But it didn't matter.

Anyway I just did not like this game. I was very excited after last night's game that we could have beaten these Yankees. These Yankees did not beat us, we beat ourselves. Pitching and hitting were not there.

Of course this is just one game. One out of 162 that was officially no fun for me. It's the first one in 62 games that I didn't enjoy. It will happen.

I'm not going all scorched-earth about my team. I'm not quitting the blog or ripping up my "OMG ASDRUBAL!!" sign. I am still excited about watching the game on TV again tomorrow. In fact during my nap I had a dream that there was a double header and I could wake up and watch a new game. I am still excited about this season and this team and everything.

Just not today.

Speaking of TV...the radio broadcast was about an entire pitch BEHIND the over-the-air HD broadcast on WKYC. Isn't that weird? You'd think radio would be faster, and it's always been faster in my experience. I wonder if there is a longer delay for a specific reason.

Here's a short video of Chris Perez about beards and other beardy pitcher Brian Wilson.

Oh, the Brad Paisley concert is going on right now. Anyone else excited to get past that and stop hearing commercials about it? And also stop seeing this completely awkward-looking and poorly done promo?
"Never match your cowboy hat to your shirt" is what I come away with from that.

Ok, we'll try again tomorrow at 1:05 PM.

Anyone else in the mood for pancakes?

Radio Chatter:
"Former Indian Bartolo Colon has had a rejuvenation. The question is how did it come about...That's a topic for another time."
- Tom Hamilton on Colon's miraculous shoulder surgery that turned him from a guy in his early 30s pitching in the 80s to a guy in his late 30s pitching in the 90s.

"Carmona maintains he didn't try to hit him. New York maintains 'baloney!'"
- Tom Hamilton on Carmona hitting Mark Teixeira.

"Robinson Cano better drive the speed limit on the way home."
- Tom Hamilton after Cano hit a policeman with a foul ball

"Somehow some way he is going to make his way through it. He has made a miraculous recovery."
- Tom Hamilton after A-Rod came back in the game after being hit by Talbot. Rodriguez made a spectacular display of anguish "as if he was shot by a sniper." It was very Varej√£o.

"You only give up 3 runs against the Yankees, it feels like you should win."
- Tom Hamilton

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