Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Tribe is Just So GOOD!

Travis Hafner, can you BELIEVE it? Five hits, two homers, seven RBI in just 5 games back after a MONTH off. Might he be the Supernatural one? Just unbelieveable.

Josh Tomlin? Also so good. He's never gone fewer than 5 innings in a Major League game (it used to be 6 but whatever...) Tonight he only gave up 3 runs, which is just fine for most any team and especially fine for this team when hitting. Two solo homers, too, which he really likes to do. Of the 8 games in which he's given up homers, in 5 of them he gave up two.

The fuckin' BULLPEN?! Guess who has ERAs under 2.0? Smith, R. Perez, Pestano, Sipp. That's who. Magic stuff tonight from Pestano, Sipp and Perez - 6 strikeouts for 2.2 innings. Oh Chris Perez, I knew you couldn't just shake off last night's misstep to Seth Smith. You brought the Rage for sure tonight! MOW 'EM DOWN! Well, except Seth Smith. But everyone else, consider yourself mowed!

Grady Sizemore! Are you wearing kneepads now? I hope you're wearing kneepads. But, anyway, getting a hit and an an RBI. Yeah!

Asdrubal, Buck and CHOOOO! with doubles tonight! So nice to see Travis Buck sliding right in to place here.

I don't think I addressed it yesterday, but Orlando is playing 3rd during this series. I forget why they said they were doing that, other than "Just to see." I forget what they are trying to see. He didn't do so well yesterday. Well, I mean, he didn't just fall over and die like Jhonny Peralta did sometimes but he was no Supermanahan out there.

Supermanahan, by the way, as at first.

Acta did this big switcheroo in the 8th. See if you can follow:
- Marson replaces Phelps (2B) in the lineup but Santana (C) on the field.
- Santana goes to 1st
- Hanahan goes to 3rd
- Orlando goes to 2nd

Is that what Manny wanted to "see" if it could be done?

I knew we had this game in the bag tonight, no problemo. After the way we played the last couple games, and the difference between the two starters, I saw it coming a mile away.

We're 1 game ahead of the Tigers as we go out to the West Coast. Going out to face the Giants who are on a 6-game skid. The Tigers are off to face Arizona who lead the NL West. Could be an awesome road trip for us, but it is 9 games in NL parks - meaning no designated hitter.

Hafner will bat once a game I'm sure, but yowza...let's hope that this doesn't set anyone back.

I guess the pitchers are looking forward to hitting. I look forward to it, sort of - if we've got enough of a lead. I don't think we'll see Chris Perez hit, though. Dammit!

Ok so we've got tomorrow off, and you all need to get some rest because it'll be a late one Friday (10:15) and then ... the schedule has changed since I synched with my Google Calendar. The game is at 4:10 on Saturday AND it's on Fox TV. Sunday it's at 8:05 on ESPN!

Anyway, make sure you get your schedule all fixed so you don't miss a minute. I know I will!

Radio Chatter:
"I asked Orlando Cabrera how he liked playing third base, and he just shook his head."
- Tom Hamilton

"He either caught a spike or he simply had a brain cramp."
- Tom Hamilton on Hammel's balk

"He twisted so hard he almost spun into the ground!"
- Mike Hegan on Hafner's home run swing

"A year ago, the Indians were 13.5 games out of first. And 20 games below .500. What a turnaround!"
- Tom Hamilton

"And the Tribe bullpen is still shutting them down. What else is new?"
- Tom Hamilton after the top of the 8th

"Boy, Choo hit a 2-iron that just didn't get high enough!"
- Tom Hamilton

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