Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your Friend, Jeanmar

So here's the deal with this game tonight. First of Jake Peavy is pretty awesome (how do we keep seeing awesome pitchers?) and last time we saw him he threw a 3-hit shut out against us.

Jeanmar Gomez is also pretty awesome, but in a different way. He gave up 2 runs in the first inning and kept going. Then he gave up 6 more in the fourth inning and STILL kept going. Because by that point, with the way Peavy was pitching, we were going to be winning this game. So we needed a guy to pitch a bunch of innings and save our bullpen for our trip to Boston. So Jeanmar Gomez said "Si" and gave us 6 2/3 and doubled his ERA.

Don't forget he's also the guy who beaned a Royal batter in retaliation and got thrown out and served a suspension and everything. He's like your best little buddy in the bullpen.
Sort of like Jeanmar
Jairo Asencio came in to finish it off tonight and he was lights out for 2 1/3 innings. That's a relief. PUN!

How ever good Peavy was, we still tagged him for 7 hits and a walk. They just weren't...grouped. What do you expect with no Hannahan?

Asdrubal got a hit tonight going 1 for 4 with his 10th double and keeping his average sky-high at .337. Hafner got a hit AND a walk (grrr...cold weather? Is this going to be a real thing?) but he's still technically "struggling at the plate" I think.

Santana got a hit and Choo is silently getting back to his real self with 7 hits in his last 7 games. Plus he's still pretty awesome in the field. Between him and Kotchman the right side is locked down!

Speaking of CASEY KOTCHMAN how about that guy, huh?? Dude's got 9 hits in his last 10 games, tonight going 2 for 3 with a walk. His average is JUST SHY OF .200! Seriously - 10 days ago he was just shy of .150. If HE turns around then really Casey Kotchman is the total package.

Jason Donald got a hit, but also got an error. Meh that guy. I mean I guess I can't give him too much shit because Hannahan has played most of the season so he's not getting much work at third but...meh that guy.

That's really all there was to this game. Good on Jeanmar, Kotchman hits. End.

Looking forward to the Boston series tomorrow just because I'm ready to see some new teams. And Boston's just not that formidable anymore, so it's always nice to just roll over those chumps. It'll be some sort of "Return of Johnny Damon" thing too I bet. Huh huh.

A little later, at 7:10 PM. Big Derek Lowe! See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"He said he can roll out of bed on Christmas morning and throw strikes. That's how ready this guy is."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Jake Peavy

"Manny Acta says 'I hate to do this to Jeanmar Gomez but tonight he's got to take one for the team...'"
- Tom Hamilton

"Meanwhile Peavy has turned the clock back to 2007."
- Tom Hamilton

"Oh for the love of Pete, throw the ball! Peavy is up 8-0 and playing games with Santana."
- Tom Hamilton

"You have a 7-run lead. If Robin Ventura can't trust you in this situation, he can't trust you in any other situation."
- Tom Hamilton

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