Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Runnin' on Empty

Our old nemesis LOB was hovering over us today like noontime shadows in the outfield. We had 10 hits and 4 walks with 10 left on base.

And, to add insult to injury, our friend and reliable pitcher Jeanmar Gomez had a bad outing giving up 5 earned runs in just 5 innings.

Scott Barnes was called up from Columbus and wowed everyone by striking out his first guy. Then he walked two! Nooooo! He settled down and took care of the rest of the 6th inning, tho.

Sipp came in as we held our breath but he didn't do any damage. Just took over the 7th inning, gave up 1 hit and no runs. He even had a pickoff! Whew. But you know who DID give up runs? Vinnie Pestano! How weird! He walked 2 and gave up a hit and a run! For some reason the guy can't be lights out unless he's getting a hold. This wasn't a hold situation, since we were losing.

Choo, Kipnis and Cabrera (back at short!) all went 1 for 4 today with 1 walk each. Choo had himself an RBI. Kipnis stole his 10th and 11th bases right there in the 2nd inning! Really, who knew that kid was a runner? So frustrating that he couldn't come around to score...

Lopez is wearing out his welcome a little bit here. He went 1 for 5, and didn't fare so well with the bases loaded and 1 out on the 9th. He could have been today's hero but he was most decidedly not anyone's hero.

Speaking of heroes, Shelley Duncan tried to be one today and was thrown out. He got a little fire going and took an extra base on a fielding error in the 5th, moved to 3rd on a single by Brantley and then when they caught Brantley in a run-down at first he tried to sneak home and was caught. That right there is frustrating.

Duncan did, however, end up going 1 for 3 today and scoring a run.

Michael Brantley is all alone being on fire in the bottom half of this lineup. He extended his streak to NINE today! Whoop whoop, nine smiley! :-9 He didn't get just ONE hit today but TWO, and scored a run!

Oddly enough, Damon got 2 hits and a walk today against his "old" team. I think he's played for every team in the AL.

The man who is making a difference is Casey Kotchman who went 1 for 4 today with an RBI! The only guy who didn't get a hit was Luke Carlin. But like last night, he managed to get on base anyway, this time as part of a fielder's choice. Then he came around to score!

Today had all the potential for and all the promise of a win, but nothing but the heartache of a loss. And LOBs.

Hopefully a night and a day off will give them a little respite and they can stop being whiny bitches and start winning games again! Chicago is going to run away with all the goodies if we don't do a little bit of winning in the very near future.

I think they all should have about 6 hours of mandatory hitting-against-lefties batting practice between now and Friday night, don't you think? They can't run their way to wins...looks like right now they're running themselves OUT of wins.

Day off tomorrow then we're back at home with Ye Olde Derek Lowe facing Ye Olde Carl Pavano. I don't even know what to say about that game, it could be awesome it could be a mess. BUT YOU GOTTA WATCH TO FIND OUT! I might go to that game. Watch me!

All right, see you Friday!

Radio Chatter:
" a wide receiver making a post pattern, made the over-the-shoulder catch to retire Cabrera."
- Tom Hamilton on Eric Hosmer catching a pop foul

"That's one of those plays when you're a manager you're going 'No no no!'"
- Tom Hamilton on Shelley Duncan's taking of 3rd base

"I wonder if these Kansas City catchers have a bonus clause? Between Quinteras and Pena they spend as much time on the mound as behind the plate."
- Tom Hamilton

"A mistake here and the Royals are going to have a happy plane ride home."
- Tom Hamilton on Barnes pitching to Francoeur with the bases loaded

"You could land the Royals' team plane in right center."
- Tom Hamilton on the shift for Kotchman

"Let's see if the Indians have another rabbit they can pull out of their hat. In this series they haven't been able to find the hat, much less the rabbit."
- Tom Hamilton

"Can you imagine, Milton Bradley? He would have taken the 20 pizzas and smashed the fans in the face with them."
- Tom Hamilton on Jeff Francoeur buying pizzas for bleacher fans

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