Tuesday, May 1, 2012

At Least They Homered?

I think having Johnny Damon on the bench lit a fire under Shelley Duncan. He must be in fear for his job so he's back to hitting like a champ. Or, he doesn't like hitting in Cleveland.

Whatever the case, Duncan went 2 for 3 today with a walk, 2 runs and a RBI. In the form of a home run. The team's first home run since April 17! I guess that's some sort of slump record. Most games w/o a homer since the Angels went 14 in 2003? Man I totally pulled that trivia out of my very tired butt so it's probably not exactly true. Perhaps maybe close.

Also having a great night tonight was...Jason Kipnis! He went 3 for 4 tonight with an RBI. Dude has 15 hits in his last 10 games! Not sure why he was down at #7 while Donald (.184) was #2 but Kipnis sure did complement Duncan and the #8 guy - Aaron Cunningham - who is the only other guy to get a hit! Yay Aaron Cunningham!

The only other highlight of the game was Jairo Asencio's 2 1/3 innings where he struck out 2 and didn't give up any hits. Our man from Columbus Nick Hagadone came in for the 9th and he did great, keeping his ERA at 1.69.

Otherwise...I dunno, I don't wanna talk about it. Ubaldo Jiminez makes me mad and when we do poorly on defense it makes me really sad. Especially when Asdrubal makes an error.

I am really honestly stoked about Shelley both hitting and hitting a home run. So that made the long wait worth it. I also appreciated the long wait! 9 PM is pretty nice for a starting time - it gives me enough time to go to the gym, take a shower and eat dinner before the game starts. And it's over by midnight, so that's cool.

I'm glad we had baseball today too. Because two days without is just unbearable!

We're back with the White Sox tomorrow and good news - Ubaldo Jiminez will not be starting! Neither will Chris Sale! It's Josh Tomlin and his facial hair against Philip Humber who, as it turns out, is not as great as his two-starts-ago-no-hitter would have lead you to believe. He gave up 3 homers and 9 earned runs in 5 innings. GIGGITY!

So we'll try again tomorrow at 8:10 PM, and it'll be a lot better. Maybe you'll all get to see Johnny Damon play, you Damon-lovers.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Donald has a swing like a guy who is going to hit 35 home runs this year. He's a line-drive hitter and is not going to be hitting 35 home runs."
- Tom Hamilton

"How in the world can you play a baseball game with the smoke so thick nobody can see a pop up on the infield?"
- Tom Hamilton is furious

"It isn't Jiminez's fault we're losing, it's Rosie's."
- Tom Hamilton commenting on the score since Jim Rosenhaus took over

"I tell you what, the Indians are playing defense today like it's the first day of spring training."
- Tom Hamilton as Santana misses a popup

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