Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jeanmar Catches the Marlins

Did you see that? Did you see the pitching today? It was so awesome and I couldn't be more excited about Jeanmar Gomez!

Jeanmar tossed a 3-hit shutout and went 6 2/3 innings. He struck out 4 and only walked 2. He did hit a guy but so did the opposing pitcher Anibal Sanchez (who's got a better ERA). Jeanmar was just on FIRE.

Also on FIRE is our bullpen! Today we got treated to "the original mafia" Smith, Pestano and Chris Perez. Smith handled the 7th, Pestano struck out one and sent down the rest in the 8th and Chris Perez STRUCK OUT THE SIDE with high-90s fastballs. He threw 10 pitches and 9 of them were strikes. I'm not sure but it sounded like Tom Hamilton was nearly crying with joy.

Afterwards, for some reason Perez freaked out a bit at the fans. Apparently he threw 9 strikes because he's pissed that people are booing him. So yeah, I'm torn - people shouldn't boo him (HE IS THE BEST!) but well if that is what unleashes the Rage then maybe we all need to make signs that say "BOO!"

I guess he's also pissed that no one comes to the games and that's why the team doesn't do well. Erm...sounds like a chicken/egg thing to me pal. But whatever - he's allowed to be frustrated. Heck I'm frustrated about the fans. Do you know how hard it is to find fans around here to talk about baseball with? Why do you think I talk to The Internet about it every night? I'm also frustrated that it's cold and that makes me not want to go to games. I'm also frustrated that I live a half hour away from the ballpark and frustrated that I can't afford season tickets but if I could WHO WOULD GO WITH ME ANYWAY?!

Perez is still ok with me. I like that he says what he's thinking. I don't like that he might be thinking he doesn't like Cleveland but whatever is going on HE STRUCK OUT THE SIDE. He also is second in the league in saves. He also sports one of the few beards I can deal with.

I still like Chris Perez. I hope you do too.

It's a good thing our pitchers were so dazzling tonight because our batters were a bit stifled by the Marlins' staff.

Although CHOOOOOOOOO extended his streak to 7 and went 2 for 4 tonight! While he was on base he did some fancy baserunning, possibly helping Shelley Duncan to score.

Wut wut Asdrubal with his 5th home run! OMG! Neatly placed in to the visitor's bullpen in the 4th to get our first run. He didn't do anything else but that average remains above .300.

Santana went 1 for 4. My man LOPEZ went 1 for 3 and since he is still working his way up the AB column, his average goes up leaps and bounds every time he gets a hit. Today he's already at .233! And he's got a 6-game hitting streak!

Kotchman! Still chipping away at being a guy who hits. He went 1 for 3 today as well. I guess Pujols must have gotten a couple hits because he's pulled away from Kotchman's .211 with his own .216.

Hey, Shelley Duncan! Love that he was in today and he got a hit. Because I hate being all excited to see him and then nothing happens. He signed my ball, you know. And today not only did he get a hit he also scored on a sac fly by Jason Kipnis. I think he signed my ball too!

Tomorrow is going to be another low-scoring one I feel. Our MMFIC Derek Lowe is going to be facing a guy who just pitched a 2-run game. But his ERA is over 5 so maybe other teams have weird inconsistent pitchers like we do too, and this guy will give up like 8 or something.

It's on WKYC so I might watch it. Or I might have to go work on that bathroom again. We're in the home stretch now - painting! I know you're on the edge of your seats waiting for it to get done...

Anyway, lazy Sunday game tomorrow. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Angel Hernandez is the home plate umpire, and nobody has a shorter fuse than him, so you gotta be careful."
- Tom Hamilton

"I wonder if Choo was doing that to try to draw the throw so they wouldn't try to get Shelley Duncan at home plate."
- Tom Hamilton on our second run

"The people that talk about it and write about it, they aren't coming either. And the ones that do come they certainlly aren't paying to sit in 40 degree weather. When the weather warms up, the fans will come. It's not rocket science, folks."
- Tom Hamilton on the lack of fans

"At this point in the afternoon with the shadows, you may as well close your eyes and swing."
- Tom Hamilton

"This is how you want to face Hanley Ramirez - with the bases empty."
- Tom Hamilton

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