Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our 'U' Beats Their Yu For His First W!

It almost seems like we did the impossible. Ubaldo Jiminez got his shit together and we beat one of the league's best pitchers off whom we scored 4 runs.

It was really an amazing way to cap off an amazing series. If you've been scratching your head about this Trbe team wondering if they were for real or just lucky or or what, you probably got sold today. Like the last two games, everyone played a part in the wins (and even in the loss) and played it well. Now, let's hope we do this for the next 5 months!

I was ready to be done with Jiminez after his last start. I was over waiting for "just one more start" for him to remember how to pitch. But if you think about it, he kind of hit bottom. There was no place for him to go but up. It seems like maybe someone finally told him "Dude, you suck" and he said "Someone help me" and some work was done and the pitcher we paid for showed up. Two hits, 6 strikeouts, 7 innings. Against Texas, the top-hitting team in the league.

I hope this means Jiminez has turned a corner. We can't compete this season without him. Let's hope today was the first of many amazing games to come!

Tony Sipp, on the other hand - he needs to have that same "someone help me" talk with the staff because he is just not getting it done. He is not SIPP! from last year he's "well I guess if everyone else is used up we'll throw in Tony for an inning, or at least as many outs as he can muster before the other team ties the game." He gave up two runs in 2/3 of an inning and was like a lost duckling out there until Pestano could come out and show him how shit gets done.

Chris Perez had me on the edge of my seat, but I was really excited that I had the game on TV today because he's great to watch. He's got confidence out the yin-yang. After the first batter got a hit between a lackadaisical Asdrubal and Kipnis, Perez turned around and asked his infielders "what the hell was that?" What the hell, indeed! And then he got Napoli to pop out and Beltre to fly out (on a titillating catch by Choo) then struck out the third guy LIKE HE DOES IT EVERY DAY. Very cool - are you as pumped as I am?! He is Kenny Powers!

Johnny Damon came through in a big way today. He was back in the leadoff spot. He started the game off with a single and in the 3rd he put one INSIDE THE SUN where Ian Kinsler couldn't find it. He then came around to score.

Kipnis had another amazing day, extending his hitting streak to 10 games, with 16 hits in those 10 games. Don't forget his 5 walks, 6 runs and 6 RBI in that time! Today he went 1 for 2 with two walks and a homer! For his efforts, he's now batting .300 and leads the team in RBI!

Asdrubal is still extremely relevant up there at #3. He's got 14 hits in the last 10 games, and got 2 more RBI today going 1 for 3. He leads our team with a .333 batting average and a .958 OPS (on-base plus slugging) which is towards the top of the league!

Something's up with Hafner. His batting average went from .327 to .253 in the last 10 games, where he's hit .147 over those games. He's not even hardly walking. What's up with that? Everyone remembers when he was On Base, Like a Boss just about a week ago, right? Please don't let it be the weather. It's fun to think that his North Dakota roots kept him supple during our cold April but that does not turn into an excuse for batting poorly in nice weather!

Santana's being choppy too. He didn't do anything today. Actually, he did catch Ubaldo pretty well. Seemed like at one point he talked the big guy off a ledge and guided him out of the inning. Do you think Latino players just speak to each other in Spanish or do they make an effort to speak English? I suspect the details are better told in Spanish.

Choo got a hit. Eh. He did have yet another great play in the outfield today, making that 4 great plays (three fantastic catches and a put-out) in one 3-game series. I won't complain about that! But I will be a little pouty over his lack of bat.

Brantley and Hannahan were silenced today. Maybe Brantley does need to be up top? I don't know. I'm glad I'm not the person who has to decide. Hannahan is hitting .600-something with men in scoring position. Not today tho.

Casey Kotchman! He did a thing today! Not only did he get a hit but he also stole a base. Because nobody expects Kotchman to steal a base. But look out, he's 3 for 3!

Very nice team effort today, and all weekend. I hope it carries us far because we've got a heavy schedule coming up - 16 games in the next 15 days. We've got TWO tomorrow, at 1:05 and 7:05. That'll be something else. A whole day of baseball! I'm getting all my chores done today so I can listen to baseball all day, unencumbered. Except of course for my job. I gotta work during the first game. Of course.

Anyway, see you tomorrow - twice! Roll tribe!

Radio Chatter:
"Hamilton is looking for one he can hammer to Pennsylvania."
- Tom Hamilton

"UC Santa Barbara. That's another school where if you get on the dean's list you have incredible focus. If you've seen the students at UC Santa Barbara you know what I'm talking about."
- Tom Hamilton wishes they all could be California girls

"It's gotta be some kind of happy hour they put on when they put this thing together."
- Tom Hamilton on the MLB schedule

"Clouds are starting to roll in and Ian Kinsler is like 'Where were you 2 hours ago?'"
- Tom Hamilton on Kinsler losing the ball in the sun

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