Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Most Boring Game

That's not from me, that's from Manny Acta. He said in the post-game that tonight's game was "The most boring game I've ever been a part of." Welcome to the new Tell-It-Like-It-Is Tribe!

But to be fair, nothing really did happen after the top of the 2nd. The game was over by then. One more run was scored (by Kansas City), they got 4 more hits, we got 3 more hits.

Justin Masterson did blow it big time, but it turns out it only took 3 runs to beat us. Kansas City just happened to get 8. Masterson was totally fine after the 2nd inning. He ended up striking out 8 which is of course good to see. Just that 9 hits and 7 earned runs weaved in to all of that. Against a guy pitching his first game who only gave up 2 runs and 4 hits. Yeowch...

Jeremy Accardo came in and wasn't bad at all. Woulda been a good night to use up Sipp! But Accardo struck out 3 in his 2 innings, then Hagadone closed it out in the 9th with no runs and no hits. Solid bullpen at least!

There wasn't much on the hitting front today. Choo and Kipnis were both shut down, but both walked and scored. Choo stole a base too. They both have a .336 average versus righties but a significantly lower average versus lefties. Kipnis is 70 points lower (.236) and Choo...omg, his average versus lefties is .113. Holy Toledo!! I think as a team we're hitting like 50 points lower versus lefties too. Gross...

Asdrubal wrote himself into the lineup this afternoon, declaring himself good enough to DH after running the bases a bit. He told the media he wanted to be in yesterday but took a day off, and he'll definitely be playing shortstop tomorrow. OK! Anyway today he didn't put up DH numbers but he did get one of our 5 hits so there ya go. His average is under .300 now (.299) but...there's always tomorrow.

Lopez, Brantley and Cunningham all went 1 for 4 today as well. Lopez was playing first (giving him those at-bats!) Brantley extended his hitting streak to 8, stole a base and also has a 4-game RBI streak! Cunningham is batting 59 points higher than Damon. Huh.

Our new heroes Lonnie Chisenhall and Luke Carlin were shut down today. Interesting to see Luke, since Marson's a rightie. But if Carlin is going to work, let him work.

Carlin DID get on base 3 times tonight, even though he went 0 for 4. He reached 3 times on errors by the 3rd, 2nd and 1st basemen. According to the stats maven in the radio booth, that was the first time that's happened to the Indians since 1973 (reaching 3 times on an error). I am surprised that's happened before really. Can you believe none of those resulted in a run or a RBI?

Juan Diaz was still in at short and he went 1 for 4 today. So, just as good as Asdrubal. He's also a switch hitter. But in reality HE IS NO ASDRUBAL. Can't wait til we have our stellar infield back - Supermanahan, Asdrubal and Kotchman. And Kipnis in there not sucking.

Tomorrow we're facing another lefty, Bruce Chen. Let's hope everyone is relaxed about facing a lefty in the light of day.

It's the last time we see the Royals until the last day of July, so perhaps we need some sparks to fly. There's some shit between the two teams left over from last year, then earlier this year, and now Perez and Jarrod Dyson are stirring up more shit. Delicious! How can people think baseball is boring??

Oh, well Manny Acta thought THIS game was boring. That's just because there was no Pure Rage at the end.

Nooner tomorrow then we get Thursday off for good behavior. I want to see Monday's team show up to do some damage tomorrow afternoon! RAAEEEEEGGGG!!!!!!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Asdrubal Cabrera talked himself into the lineup tonight."
- Tom Hamilton

"You'd think if the kid can't settle in now with a 7-2 lead then the Royals have another problem on their hands."
- Tom Hamilton on Will Smith

"The first 2 innings of this ballgame...are not exactly riveting."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's not dark yet but we must have a full moon. [...] There aren't enough d's in the word 'odd' to describe this one."
- Tom Hamilton

"Alcedes Escobar believes in the 11th Commandment 'Thou shalt not walk.'"
- Tom Hamilton

"What are the odds of that? He could have ended up working with a world-class diver and that wouldn't help you out at all, but he ends up with John Lester."
- Tom Hamilton on Smith's chance meeting of John Lester

"The Indians may be in 2nd place by midnight. Not that that's a big deal on May 29th."
- Tom Hamilton

"We thank Sharon for that, as she fattens Rosie and I for market."
- Tom Hamilton's reaction to Sharon Hargrove's gift of chicken-fried steak

"I bet when he comes to the ballpark he's got to have his credentials to get in. He's only 5'7"..."
"He's grown that beard this year that makes him look a little older."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus on Royals pitcher Tim Collins

"It happened back when Walt Williams still had a neck."
- Tom Hamilton on the last Indian to reach base on 3 errors, Walt "No-Neck" Williams

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