Thursday, April 19, 2012


The #1 problem with today's game was the lack of our #1 guy, Michael Brantley. He is our leadoff guy, he is the spark. We weren't hitting as a team until Brantley was hitting. He's been starting us off and keeping us going.

No Brantley, no hits.

He was out today, I presume, because we were facing a left-handed pitcher. I looked and his stats aren't that terribly lopsided righty vs lefty so WTF?

Oh well. The Seattle pitcher was good, we'll say.

Derek Lowe wasn't good. Doesn't matter cuz a better hitting lineup would have had no problem with his 4 runs. Not sure what's going on with our starters - Lowe was our dude for a minute there. Let's hope they straighten themselves out. Perhaps more facial hair!

Nick Hagadone, tho - how about that kid? He's lovin' being back in Seattle I guess. He pitched one inning and struck out two, no hits. Two great outings in a row, right off the plane!

Asencio and Wheeler pitched before and after Hagadone. They must have been the only guys awake in the bullpen tonight. They actually did just fine - no hits for anyone.

Jason Donald made a nice play in the field today. So I will continue to refrain from making fun of his greasy hair and goofy smile.

Our hitting was sad today, if I didn't make that clear before. Aaron Cunningham got an almost-home-run so that was cool. It was a nice big double off the wall. So nice there was even a replay and an argument!

Turns out it wasn't a homer but Kipnis came two batters later and hit Cunningham in. How's that for "who now?" baseball?

Choo and Hafner walked around a Santana single in the 5th, to load the bases. Then Shelley Duncan was up and I was all "WATCH OUT! SHELLEY DUNCAN WILL RIP YOUR FACE OFF!" and then he didn't. So I am pretty super sad about that because Shelley Duncan doesn't just do nothing like that. He usually gets stuff done!

Well, I am so tired from last night and having to get up early today that it was sort of nice to have a low-key game. You always want to come out the other end with a win but it seems like both me and the nine were all on auto-pilot tonight.

Hammy and Rosie were pretty giggly tonight, which is weird because they tend to save that for late-season west coast games or broadcasts that go past 1 AM. Hammy was riffin' on the Fish Market, giving the business to one of their techs and  pondering the mechanics of Japanese baseball. Thank God for those guys, right?

Let's hope for the better lineup tomorrow and some more of those super bats we've come to love.

Another late one, 10:10 tomorrow - see you there!!!

Radio Chatter:
"He is now batting .636 against the Cleveland Indians. It may be a small sample but to the Indians, it's enough."
- Tom Hamilton on Kyle Seager (before he hit a double)

"Come on Shelley, when I give you that kind of a send up that ball should end up in Tacoma."
- Tom Hamilton after waxing poetic on Shelley Duncan and Microsoft, and Shelley flied out

"Remember, on this road trip - the Indians with 19 two-out runs."
- Tom Hamilton when the Indians had bases loaded with 2 outs in the 6th

"Still no word on Roberto Hernandez [Fausto Carmona]. No point in asking anymore. [...] If anybody tells you they know, they don't know."
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy all these guys look the same with their swings. Suziki, Kawasaki, Fukudome. I wonder if anyone from Japan swings away from their heels."
- Tom Hamilton

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