Saturday, April 7, 2012


So that's 28 innings of baseball in 3 days, which is STILL more innings than 3 regular games (there were only 2 games over those 3 days). What a BARGAIN!!

Ubaldo Jiminez! Can we get excited about him now or is it too early? After a rough spring that ended with the physical telling-off of Troy Tulowitzki's elbow I think we were all questioning whether the team should be hanging our 2nd starter hat on this fella or not. But he had a perfect game until he had a walk in the 6th, and a no-no up through the 7th when those Blue Jay bats we keep hearing about came out to shine.

The bullpen was once again great until one guy lost his shit. Today that guy was Sipp, who was fantastic Friday. Also fantastic Friday was Pestano who gave up the go-ahead run in the 9th today. Know who pitched a 1-2-3 11th inning? Chris Fucking Perez is who. So that's all settled there. This fella Dan Wheeler came in to stop the bleeding after Sipp gave it all away in the 12th, and whoever that guy is he didn't suck.

The bullpen wasn't bullet-proof but they were strong. I look forward to them getting their kinks out and being solid gold. I'll give them until next Friday. Deal?

Hitting still isn't there and it's worrying. Well worrying for the non-positive among us so I'll let those guys yap about it.

Here at the Positive Tribe we are VERY excited because Asdrubal had his stuff today! OMG!!! He not only got his first home run, but it tied the game in the 9th. THEN he got a hit in the 12th and came around to score. That is the Asdrubal we're all ga-ga for!! Can't wait to see that propel him forward in the coming games.

Kipnis! Little guy hit himself a 2-run dinger in the 5th which totally seemed like it was going to be enough to win it. It was not but I'm estatic that a guy I was not quite sure of is doing some good early on. He did have a hot streak last year so maybe it was the start of something brilliant for this year.

Isn't the anticipation of the early season just awesome?!

Shelley Duncan! He was NOT a hero at the plate today - which is why he gets put in the lineup - but instead was the man in the field! He had a great sliding catch in foul territory in the fourth, then had another great catch in the 9th which probably saved the game (at the time...)! Me and Asimovian are ridin' front seat in the Shelley Duncan bus if any of you guys want on. He's definitely the guy to watch in 2012!

Santana and Hafner also hit today, which considering the team's batting performance over the last 28 innings, is worth mentioning.

Nothing else really exciting went on, although it was an exciting afternoon. My niece hung out from the 9th-12th innings and was just very excited in general so she kept the mood up for the sort of dour final three innings.

More of exactly the same tomorrow. Uhm, I mean same teams and same time tomorrow. Let's hope we don't set some sort of record for longest 3 first games ever because I'm not in the mood. Let's get a W under our belt (a rare Sunday W for this team) and move on to a new team Monday.

Happy Easter, all! See you tomorrow!

Radio Chatter:
"He said 'I thought I'd tell you in the 10th inning but I kept thinking the game would be over.'"
- Tom Hamilton on being told the correct pronounciation of Brett Lawrie's name

"Here we go again. It's only game 2 and already a blown call. My goodness. They wonder why instant replay is needed for baseball. [... ]Tim Welke is the farthest away from the play than anyone else here. Uncle."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's become an Olympic competition."
- Tom Hamilton with regards to fans chanting "USA! USA!"

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