Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Pains of Being Left On Base

Nine walks, eight hits and a hit batsman and we only got four runs? LOB, man - LOB rears its ugly head again! Thirteen! We really should have crushed these Royals, who have now lost 11 in a row. But I honestly think this team is not handling the cold well.

Anyway, we won. Got the W. Royals kept their streak up. On to the game!

Good ol' Derek Lowe, he did his thing this time. He got his third win (3-1) and went 6 innings only giving up 1 earned run. He struck out 5 and ended up with a tidy 3.00 ERA. Not sure how he managed to only give up 1 with 8 hits but he is pretty pro - he got it done.

Sipp came in in relief and Tom Hamilton went off on an inning-long tirade about Sipp and Raffy need to stop sucking but also we all need to calm down. When it was over Sipp had gone 1-2-3 and struck out one. SCENE!

VinneP52 came in and gave up 2 hits and a run and I'm sure we were all groaning. The bullpen is like the little Dutchboy - if it's not one hole in our dyke it's another! But Pestano got out of it with a 2-run lead, and Chris Perez came in and let one of those runs go but ultimately got his 7th save. I'm tellin ya - 80 saved this year!

Michael Brantley was out tonight. Wrist soreness!!! I think we lost him a lot to wrist soreness last year. Everyone say a prayer for Cousin Michael! (although he did come in for Duncan in the 9th to play for a second I think)

Kipnis went 1 for 3 with a walk and HBP in his stead tonight (hit by...Sanchez, of course!) I'll take it. I don't prefer it - would rather see Brantley up there but nod my head towards Kipnis and his hitting streak.

Asdrubal's back! HOLLA! Well peace and love to abuelo, of course. Now back to the game. He went 2 for 4 tonight with a double and a walk, so he's up over .300!! They were speculating as to how long it'd take him to get back into the game but...I dunno, I have this picture in my mind of throngs of Venezuelan children lining up to shag flies in Asdrubal Cabrera Parque de BĂ©isbol. In other words - no way dude wasn't keeping warm down there.

Choo didn't do anything today other than go 0 for 3 and then come out with a hamstring injury. DO NOT WANT! On the bright side, Trevor Crowe is batting over .400 in the minors so it's not like we want for outfielders (uh why is he there and Aaron Cunningham here??) But no one really wants to go without Choo for any length of time so people better be lining up to give that man a deep tissue massage. STAT.

Carlos Santana once again got one hit and one walk, and even one RBI. All good, good job. But still just ONE hit. Grumble grumble. Come on 'Los, I know you got it in you baby. Hit hit hit more. Shelley Duncan also needs to hit more. And both dudes need to hit it out of the park more. Shelley got his one hit and one RBI tonight but also struck out twice. Eep!

Hafner actually didn't hit today BUT he walked twice. And he also hit quite a fantastic line drive to the outfield. So we'll take it. He's been on base in every game but two, out of 13. His OBP is over .500. Legen

Wait for it


Speaking of Legendary, Jack Hannahan. He's having multi-hit games, tonight he went 2 for 3 with a walk. And oh yeah he got the tying an winning RBIs. And, praise St. Brigid, he's done making errors at third. Still super excited to have him down at the bottom anchoring the lineup, making up for his corner counterpart Kotchman who doesn't seem to be able to hit his way out of a paper bag.

Aaron Cunningham not only got a hit, but he also played all 3 outfield positions!
Aaron Cunningham cannot be seen
Speaking of grass, guess what I bought today.

A gnome.

This gnome.
I had a $50 gift card for JC Penney and it was expiring Saturday and I didn't know what to get. So, gnome it was! 

Having your own yard is pretty awesome!

So what do you think? Not about the gnome, I mean about the game. Do you think we shoulda coulda done better? Will it be better tomorrow with Brantley? Where is Trevor Crowe? Is Choo visiting a Korean massage parlor tomorrow morning?

And, do you like the gnome?

Ubaldo day tomorrow, versus Luke Hochevar. We smacked Hochevar for 7 runs last time, and he only lasted 4 innings because Santana hit him in the ankle with a line drive. So we've got some unfinished business with dude and hopefully that business involves a ton of runs.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Derek Lowe, you can tell he is one of those guys who enjoys life. Too many guys think this is brain surgery."
- Tom Hamilton

"Sanchez isn't throwing at anybody. Including his catcher. If you're in the dugout seats, you have a good a chance of meeting [Royals catcher] Humberto Quintero as ever."
- Tom Hamilton

"One of the most overrated events in sports."
- Tom Hamilton on the NFL draft

"What you can't do as a ballclub is start panicking."
- Tom Hamilton on the state of our bullpen

"Humberto Quintero must have a clause in his contract. 'This visit to the mound was brought to you by...'"
- Tom Hamilton on the many visits to the mound

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  1. The reason that Crowe isn't up here is because we would have to make a 40 man move to get him here. He is probably just playing inspired baseball since his name was involved in trade rumors before the season. All the best to him, but he probably won't get another real shot in an Tribe uni.