Friday, April 27, 2012

Multi-Hit Mania!

Once again Torii Hunter tried to run our night! His first homerun and he also threw Asdrubal out at the plate. They even brought him in as a fifth infielder in the 9th. But, I can't be mad at Torii Hunter. In fact I think he's the only guy I'd welcome with open arms when he becomes old and washed up and the Indians go hunting for old blood to hire. Well, him and Omar because seriously how could you not like those guys?

But Torii did not spoil our night! Because we have the power of Masterson and even though they have the power of Weaver (who is, in fact, most powerful) we also have the power to beat up on your sorry-ass bullpen and that we did!

Masterson rocked the f'n house pitching 8 1/3. He totally did! He was back in to the groove of a guy who is our #1 starter. Yes he gave up 2 runs and walked 5 but he also pitched almost a complete game with those stats. Ubaldo can't even do that well in 5!

Pestano came on in relief in the 9th with one out and struck out his 2 guys! AWESOME! Not sure why Perez didn't come in, because he was warming up. Perhaps he didn't want to tarnish his record with a Win instead of a Save.

Poor Masterson didn't get the W for his effort, Vinnie did. Masterson has no wins yet. I bet Vinnie feels bad about it.

Hey, Everybody Hits today! Even Casey Kotchman who snapped a 0-23 streak!

Michael Brantley - THE SPARK - went 3 for 5 with an RBI and a run. He got a double and a steal! According to Jim Rosenhaus he "looked good," better than he's been looking. If he is "back" then we are in for a lot of wins.

Kipnis was batting second instead of Asdrubal. I think they had to shuffle a bit because of Choo's absence. Like most 2-hole hitters, he must have been inspired by Brantley's 3 hits because he himself got 2 hits giving him 12 hits in his last 10 games.

Heeeeey Asdrubal! It was a good night for him to go multi-hit. He went 3 for 5 and since he missed 6 games his batting average shot up from .294 to .321. O YEA AND HE WON THE GAME! He hit the ball where Torii Hunter wasn't tee hee. (Watch the video - Santana tries to pull Asdrubal's pants off!) Finally, after what seems like forever, someone came through in the clutch who wasn't Jack Hannahan and gave us a walk-off run. Of course the fellas on base before him (Cunningham and Kipnis) didn't hurt. But it'll be super great if walking off sparks Asdrubal into another fantastic season.

Hafner was his usual awesome self today, walking twice and going 1 for 2. Him and Asdrubal are 14th and 13th in the league in batting average at .321. Wish he was pronkin' them over the fence but fuck it. He is on base LIKE A BOSS.

Still not multi-hitting but also on base like a boss (leading the league in walks) is Carlos Santana. He had the patience today for 2 walks and a single. When-o-when will he get back in to hitting homers? I hope to heck that time comes when it gets warmer maybe.

Jack Hannahan didn't have to be the hero tonight, which is good because he didn't seem to have it in him. Don't get me wrong - he got his hit. So did Shelley and so did Kotchman. But the three of them had 5 strikeouts between them courtesy of Jared Weaver. But Weaver's a beast, really. He's always scary for us. We were very lucky to get him out of there after 6 innings that's for sure.

Aaron Cunningham had a BIG night tonight. He went 2 for 4 with a double and came in as the winning run. He's actually got a 4-game hitting streak. I guess everyday play is good for him? What's really cool is that he had an outfield assist. He threw out none other than Torii Hunter! *swoon*

So beating Weaver was pretty awesome and I hate to mention it but we got 15 hits and 11 LOB. They did what I've been begging for and had several dudes with multiple hits but for some reason they couldn't follow through as well. I guess really that was Weaver - all of our scoring came after he was gone. But we also had four double plays including two strikeout/throwouts. And a out at the plate. So our aggressiveness isn't paying off just yet.

Pretty excited about tomorrow's game. It's my birthday! Brantley and Asdrubal are all warmed up so I expect good things from them. Do you think there will be any homers? I hope so. I also hope there's no rain delay because I'm throwing myself a party at 5 so I'm on a tight schedule, dangit.

Hope my birthday is as good as Santana's was. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Masterson is like a hockey goalie tonight. He's had a couple of body saves."
- Tom Hamilton

"Didn't your mom always tell you that nothing good ever happens adter 11 o'clock?"
- Tom Hamilton on Delmon Young's arrest

"By golly, Torii Hunter finally doesn't kill the Indians."
- Tom Hamilton after Hafner dropped a single in front of Hunter

"Very rarely do you get opportunities to score off Jared Weaver. The Indians so far have not capitalized, but they are giving it another shot."
- Tom Hamilton in the bottom of the 6th with 2 on and Duncan up

"This is why the Angels went the extra mile to get him."
"I don't think they just went a mile, Rosie."
"The extra hundred million miles?"
- Jim Rosenhaus and Tom Hamilton on Albert Pujols

"This is a game you've gotta find a way to win. You can't lose when you've out-hit the Angels 13-4."
- Tom Hamilton

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