Thursday, April 19, 2012

Before the King

We only had to face Felix Hernandez once last year. I remember thinking how lucky it was for us, because we only were statistically going to lose once. We did end up splitting the season with Seattle (although we won 4 of the first 5) but yeah - Hernandez got us in August.

We almost had a "Everybody Strikes Out" game today but Santana and Hafner kept it real. Good thing too because I totally don't have a graphic for that!

Josh Tomlin and his facial hair were RIGHT THERE with Hernandez, though. Kid looked great - especially after the not-so-greatness of our last three starters. Plus Tomlin's own long relief on Saturday when he gave up 4 runs.

None of that nonsense for Tomlin today. Just one earned run and 7 strikeouts in 8 innings. MASTERFUL. I don't know if he was working off Hernandez or what but he was right there with King Felix, giving up the same number of hits even. If we ever needed super solid starting pitching today was the day.

Chris Perez came in in the 9th and did what he is lauded for doing. Nailed it! Great to look at that box score and see just two names in the pitchers column.

Manny Acta just called Tomlin "my little cowboy" in the post-game interview. True story.

Josh Tomlin
The bats were obviously pretty silent tonight, what with the 13 strikeouts. But they did manage to eke out a few hits. MAYBE IT WAS BECAUSE MICHAEL BRANTLEY WAS IN THE LINEUP?!

Brantley got a hit, and Santana got a double. Travis Hafner not only did not strike out but dude got TWO hits! Love love lovin' seeing him on his game. I hope he goes home at night in a Pope-Mobile and then sleeps in a box so there is no possibility of odd injury for him.

Shelley Duncan did not get a hit and I am sort of crushed. Because he coulda been The Hero yesterday and wasn't, and the same went for today. So he is awesome just not "clutch." (Although I've heart that "clutch" is a myth. You're either going to hit or not.)

Jack Hannahan was instead the hero, and he makes a good one. He got a bases-loaded single in the 9th to get the tie run and the go-ahead run in. It was fucking fantastic, I tell you. We had 7 innings of "zzzzzz" then one inning of intense baseball, When that didn't go so well it looked as if we'd not have another chance at intensity but I was wrong. Admit it - you were wrong too! (Actually Tom Hamilton was wrong as well.)

Luckilly Hannahan got us what we needed and we didn't need anymore, because Jason Donald fucked up in the 9th and didn't get a bunt down for the insurance run. Instead he struck out FOR THE THIRD TIME. Not sure how he managed to get a hit inbetween all that mess but he did. I almost would make fun of his greasy hair and weird smile but he did this little bit of infield shiny-ness so he is safe another day.

By the way, watch that video and tell me how AWESOME Kotchman is!

Tomorrow we go down to play the A's, for whom Bartolo Colon threw 38 consecutive strikes on Wednesday. Yeep...glad we won't be facing him! Our starter will be Ubaldo, and he will not suck. See you then!

Radio Chatter:
"It's 'Earl Campbell who?' now thanks to Josh Tomlin."
- Tom Hamilton on the "other" famous guy from Tyler, Texas

"He's a guy like Justin Verlander, he's got a chance to throw a no-hitter every time he walks to the mound."
- Tom Hamilton on Hernandez

"The Indians have a chance. This may be the only chance they have tonight."
- Tom Hamilton when we had 2 on and 1 out in the 8th

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