Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day Off

Oh, Sunday Tribe games. How you try me! I thought we had the Sunday Blahs worked out with our two previous Sunday wins but I was wrong.

Once again it's like Sunday is an off day for an otherwise awesome team. It literally was an off day for Kotchman, Duncan and Santana. Not to mention Asdrubal is still off (he had 6 days...I think he may be back Tuesday?) So we were left with a skeleton crew.

I didn't think too much of it, though, because I've always liked Marson and was blown away by Lopez (LOPEZ!) in spring training. Although I do wonder if maybe Damon would have filled in for Duncan today and done better than Cunningham...hmmm... Anyway, I didn't go into this game thinking the worst, especially with Justin on the mound and us having won the last 2 but nope - Sunday reared its ugly head again.

Masterson walked 6 today and only struck out 2 in his 5 innings. Whatwhatwhat? I didn't expect this sort of poor outing - 4 earned runs - two starts in a row. Someone's got to fix that and fix it fast!

Raffy Perez didn't do too bad, he just took forever. He struck out 3 in his 2 innings. Hagadone finally gave up a run, so he's got an ERA. But he still has looked awful fancy in his 3 appearances.

No one really hit today except our guys that have been hitting consistently.

Yesterday's and Friday's hero Jason Kipnis got a hit today but sadly nothing came of it. But I like to see him keep it up!

Choo got another double, his third in 3 games. He would come in as our only run.

Hafner, who, damn... yeah he went 1 for 2 today with 2 walks and the only RBI. He doesn't have a game hitting streak to speak of (well, 4) but he's gotten 15 hits in 12 games this year and 10 walks. Two homers, two doubles and 7 RBI. He's fifth in the league for OBP. LOVE IT!

Jack Hannahan got his hit today too, with a 6-game streak. He's got 14 hits in 12 games, with 6 walks, 3 doubles, one homer and 11 RBI. they moved him up from 8th to 6th today and it didn't help or hurt us. Neither his hit nor his walk gave us any more runs.

So that's all for today's game. No feats of grandeur, just guys squeaking by. Woo-ee.

Rest up tomorrow and then 7:05 baseball is BACK on Tuesday, where we get to play the world-class flops from Kansas City again. Fun time for sure - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"It's Groundhog Day around here when it comes to talking about how they need a new stadium."
- Tom Hamilton on the state of the Oakland Coliseum

"I asked them what kind of flu do you have that keeps you out five days? They said 'It's called a 'I got a 2-year contract flu...''"
- Tom Hamilton on Coco Crisp's absence

"He might not know a lick of English, but he does know what a ball and a strike is and he is not happy with the umpire."
- Tom Hamilton on Yoenis Cespedes

"Ronnie Belliard did all second basemen a disservice. He was the first one to play that shift to the side of second base, but he had the arm to back it up."
- Tom Hamilton on Kipnis's off-mark throw to first

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