Monday, April 9, 2012

Choo Did Not Break His Hand

The best part about this game, I think, was Choo staying in after being hit in the hand, then stealing second, then coming in to score.

The worst part about this game - that did not involve Choo's hand - was I guess Tomlin's pitching. I mean, he didn't do particularly bad for a 4th starter in April I guess but not only did he not live up to the rest of the rotation's standards, I'm not sure he lived up to the standards of his facial hair.

It looks like he's trying to rock a little Tommy Lee Jones but giving up 2 homers in the first inning isn't something Tommy Lee Jones would do now, is it?

I make this look good.
To Tomlin's credit, however, he did strike out 7 in just 5 innings which is a personal record for him. It was also more than Lowe (1) and Jiminez (3) had. So that's pretty awesome for Tomlin. And he did give up 24 homers in 26 games last year so I guess SHAME ON US for expecting anything different this year. Ok, 200% more homers is pretty unexpected at this point.

But never fear, as we've still got The Bullpen Mafia who gave us 4 scoreless innings today and that was pretty awesome of them. There was no save situation so no Pure Rage. I was waiting for him to come in just for fun anyway. Raffy Perez made his first appearance and cruised through the 9th. New dudes Asencio and Wheeler were the other two relievers and they proved to be just fiiiiine. Are you lovin' it yet??

Speakin' of lovin how about Jose Lopez? I want so bad to love him because, for example, he homered today in his first appearance with us. He also hit .327 over the spring. But apparently he's sort of shitty as a fielder - case-in-point he had a bit of a botched play today when he was playing first. But then again I think he spent all of spring learning how to play second, not sure what he was doing at first. Oh yeah - right handed. Ho hum.

You know who wasn't botching things tonight? Lou Marson! Sweet Lou didn't get a hit but he did what he does best and threw a guy out at second. Lovely leg kick there, Lou! Maybe someday he'll go on to be on Dancing With The Stars.

I take it back that the worst part of the game was Tomlin's pitching. We're going to have to go back to that old stand-by "lack of hitting." Man, the 9k fans who went to the game tonight are SUPERFANS for real. It's freezing out and we only got 5 hits. I bet those folks all love Lopez because he gave them a nice warm cheer spot in the 9th.

Really tho what we're going to take away from this game is that Choo did not break his hand. Well maybe he did break his hand but if everyone brushes their teeth and says their prayers before bed like good little children, perhaps the x-rays will be negative in the morning. Choo will play with a bruise. Hell, Choo will play with a broken hand! Perhaps a previous fracture made the thumb area stronger. That's how it works right?

More batting, boys. Tomorrow, right? We've got another one at 7:05 against these same ChiSox, presumably with a different lineup (Brantley, Kotchman and Hafner back). And the debut of Jeanmar Gomez! Cool!

Radio Chatter:
"De Aza had help from the wind on his homer. Pierzynski didn't need any help."
- Tom Hamilton

"Obviously he's not represented by Darth Vader. Scott Boros would have never let that happen."
- Tom Hamilton on Chris Sales' patience in the draft

"That's been a problem for the Indians - not capitalizing on the other team's mistakes."
- Tom Hamilton

"What a country! You could be a family without one ounce of talent and you can be multimillionaires."
- Tom Hamilton on the Kardashians


  1. I'm curious what you thought of Tom Hamilton ripping on Japanese players coming over to MLB. I thought he was unusually harsh, and maybe crossed the line a bit in the way he seemed to be implying that there was no talent over there worth the money.

  2. I didn't hear the whole conversation. I remember hearing the beginning then something happened (phone call?) and I didn't hear the rest. I'll have to find it in the archive and get back to you.