Sunday, September 8, 2013

We Got Ourselves A Roll!

Four games, boffins! Four games in a row where we had somewhat decent pitching and scored RUNS and then won a game! Imagine that! Wahoo!

Wonder how that chicken is faring? He's probably got his own office in the clubhouse by now! (He has his own Twitter account, dontchaknow)

Kluber was the starter and he didn't have his best game, because they had him on a short leash just coming off the DL. 64 pitches. He only lasted 5, so no quality start. He did strike out 5 in those 5 innings, plus only walked one. He gave up 2 runs - the second run was a walk he left on base when he exited in the 6th.

Then started the parade of...everyone! Hill, Pestano (Hi, Vinnie!), Hagadone, Shaw, Zep, Carrasco. I have no idea which one of those guys was here on August 30 and which just came back in September. But it's good they were all sitting around waiting for a chance to pitch, because the team needed Kluber and he needed someone to fill in some pitches for him. So pitch they did!

Hill gave up that one run on Kluber's walk. He didn't make it out of the 6th inning, either. Next up was Vinnie who uhm...welp, he needs some more work. Hagadone finished the inning, getting the third out.

Then were the "old hats" Shaw, Zep and finishing with Carrasco. They all pitched matchups, and the three of them only gave up 1 hit between them. Only 1 strikeout but whatever. The game was won!

The team was back to hitting like they had been the last 2 games. Eleven hits, three of them doubles, two of them home runs. And they were running wild on the bases with FOUR stolen bases! This all added up to NINE runs! Cool!

Although, hasn't the chicken been around as the newly-returned Raburn? He is analogous to the chicken.

Almost everyone hit today except....Drew Stubbs! It's a shame, but he can't be awesome all the time otherwise he would not be holding down #9 and probably also not on our team. Get 'em next time, Stubbs!

Seems like the Bro is pumped about college football season, and he's ready to start hitting again! Swish went 2 for 4 with an RBI double and a solo homer. We can't really get into the post season without him doing that stuff, so I will call a truce and root root root for the homeboy all through September!

Gomes "only" had one hit tonight, after having two multi-hit games in a row. But he totally walked twice so he was 1 for 2, and he came in to score twice!

OMG ASDRUBAL!!! OMG OMG!! I was walking around my backyard, moving stuff from the fire pit to the garage (quite a distance). I had set the radio down and didn't want to carry it back to the pit to get my next handful of stuff. But Asdrubal was up and I was like "Well, whatever, I'll take it." So I took the radio and got all the way back to the pit and BAM! Homer! Totally, totally cool! And I had to run back up to the house (empty handed) and go post on Facebook about the homer (so my friends would know, you know? Right?) and then get back to work. I LOVE BASEBALL!!

He also turned 2 double plays with Kipnis and Swish.

God DAMN, Ryan Raburn!! YOU ARE SO GOOD!!!
He's so good that your grandma knitted him a 12-foot ___________!

Bases loaded 3-run double? YES PLEASE! Raburn had been quite for a while, but in is last two games before his injury he went 1 for 3 with 2 RBI - a 2-RBI homer - and 1 for 3 with an RBI (with 5 days inbetween!) Then he was gone for like 2 weeks. In the 2 games he's played since he's been back, a total of 2 hits and FIVE RBI!! Clutch? Cluck?

Not to be left out (on the bench), Aviles went 2 for 4 himself. No runs or RBI for him but that's 4 hits for the Goon Squad today!

Oh yeah - how do you like this shit from GVArtwork?

Move over #BullpenMafia! The #GoonSquad is here! That's like one of the most badass pics I've seen this year. Buy that damn shirt!!! We need you, Goon Squad!

And Matt Carson too, apparently. They keep shoehorning him in to games. Today he was 1 for 1. All right.

I'm feeling a lot better about stuff right now, looking at the rest of the schedules and seeing some life from the guys we were supposed to count on for life this year. I hope to Og that Asdrubal is at the beginning of a thing, and Swisher has a firm foothold on a thing. We need it. Boy, do we need it.

Tomorrow the game is at the same time as the first Browns game, which you're used to I'm sure. My deal is that I listen to the baseball on the radio and watch football on TV. This works out well for me because my dog is afraid of referee whistles (srsly) and also there's no Bernie Kosar so who cares what the announcers are saying? Closed captioning, bitches.

It'll be Salazar versus Dice-K. Cool, right? It's at 1:05 - see you there!

No Radio Chatter today. I was having a perfect summer night beside a fire with my radio, not sitting in front of a screen taking notes!

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