Monday, September 16, 2013

Shields Up

Ah well...what are you going to say? Shields is good, the Tribe is no longer smashing good pitchers like they did at the beginning of the season. Part of that equation before was our starters being tougher than the Cy Young starters, so getting a run or two off those guys meant the whole game. But now that our starters are throwing well in spurts only, we run into situations like tonight where we have Old Man Kazmir going against Big Game James Shields.

Kazmir scratched and clawed his way through 5 innings, which I think Francona made him do because, well, come on! He threw 98 pitches once it was all over. Four earned runs off 7 hits (2 triples), even though he had 6 strikeouts.

Then they rolled out half the bullpen who proceded to give up an additional 7 hits and 3 more runs. Ho hum.

The lineup wasn't all that spectacular today, considering how today it was all of the A-team and yesterday it was the C-team and they fared way better.

Michael Bourn would tell you that there was a bit of a problem with the ump's eyes.

Asdrubal still isn't HOT but at least he's warmer than before. Today he managed one hit, and it was a double.

The man of the hour was Lonnie Chisenhall who smacked his 11th homer (a solo shot), and second homer in as many games! He seems better off the bench anymore, though, just like Aviles. Conveniently, they are working together at third base!

Giambi almost had a big hit - at  least an RBI double - but someone done caught it.

Brantley shook the sleep out of his eyes and went 2 for 4 today. Interestingly, the last time he hit was against KC last week. He was totally shut down against the White Sox.

So I don't know, maybe the boys are poised and ready for the rest of the season now? I think Shields was our last great hurdle. Everyone else should be sort of Chicago-level easy. But you know this Tribe - they like to make everything difficult!!

Tomorrow it's an 8:10 game again. Kluber versus MYSTERY PITCHER. Some guy who just got called up. Let's hope he's more of a Bauer than a Salazar!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"It's not like Ned Yost is a bad guy. He's just like hugging a cactus."
- Tom Hamilton

"Kazmir's only 29 years of age, but he feels like a guy that everything has to feel just right for him to pitch good."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's the time where they try to get all the kids in Kansas City to realize that if you want to chase your blues away it only takes a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of beer."
- Tom Hamilton is not a fan of the Royals' 7th inning song ("Friends In Low Places")

"Boy the broken-bat singles are all going Kansas City's way tonight."
- Tom Hamilton

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