Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Day of Firsts

You go, Mike Aviles! It was totally your turn to be the big hero off the bench! A 9th-inning grand slam?! That is epic!

Our first win since 8/25.

I have to admit - and please let me know that I'm not alone - that I am not nearly as pumped about this win today as I should be. I suspect it has something to do with the 5 losses before it. And really....the 8 innings before the clincher.

Salazar looked good. He went 6 innings and didn't give up anything but hits. He struck out 5 too, so he's still doing the strikeout thing. Only 77 pitches, so he's being efficient.

Hey there was Nick Hagadone! He had a rough go, giving up a hit and a walk and only getting one out. But Cody Allen was there to save his bacon.

Chris Perez was a little shaky, huh? Probably because he hasn't worked in forever. He gave up 3 hits and one felt like it was going to be a homer. And then he was saved by a ball hitting a runner lulz

We saw Jason Kubel today for the first time. He was just picked up from the DBacks cuz uhm...well, in case he might be able to hit some home runs in Cleveland but can't hit them anywhere else? He got a hit today and a walk. So that's nice. Matt Carson was called up from Columbus and he ran for Kubel in the 9th and he actually got to come in and score on that Aviles grand slam.

Also scoring on the grand slam was Jose Ramirez, who we saw today for the first time. He was the pinch runner for Santana. Then Gomes caught the 9th.

Michael Bourn and Michael Brantley both got stolen bases, and Nick Swisher had his first. Another first for today: Drew Stubbs got his first pickoff/caught stealing on the year!

Tomorrow is Masterson versus RHP 4.91, at 4:05 (it's a holiday, n' stuff). We've actually got a sporting chance on this one, so be sure to tune in.

Sorry I'm not able to be more positive lately. Baseball is breaking my heart right now.

See you tomorrow!

Radio Chatter:
"The Indians are not going to shed any tears leaving Detroit today."
- Tom Hamilton

"Quite frankly, if Detroit doesn't win the World Series this year you wonder if they ever will."
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy there is nothing routine about the Indians getting a win against this Tiger ballclub."
- Tom Hamilton in the 9th


  1. Jeez they needed that one.

    So... the games I went to. Glad to have been there, great to spend time with my dad, of course, but woah.

    Not only did the Indians get swept, but they lost in a very boring fashion. By the end of the third game we were just wandering around Turner Field looking for different vantage points to watch a half inning from.

    Some photos from those games (plus on other recent game)