Friday, September 6, 2013

Scott Kazmir is History!

Well I just wrote a big awesome post but Blogger ate it, and I don't have time to re do it, so oh well.


Kazmir: Not "history" I mean "making history." Made some strikeout history against the team that brought him up on the farm.

Swisher: Grand slam. Buying fireworks for Sept 21. No kidding.

Santana: Second in league in walks, behind Mike Trout. 

Gomes: Hitting .300. Another double!

Stubbs: Two stolen bases, back up to ~.240.

Future: Swisher says they will "scratch and claw to the playoffs" and I say they need to roll over the Mets, Astros, White Sox and Twins and boldly MARCH to the playoffs!

Tomorrow: Salazar versus Dice-K. They were in Columbus together.

Spider Vinnie: Back in Cleveland. Hooray!
Tomorrow's game is at 6:05 - don't forget! See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"A 15 foot wall takes a home run away from a guy like Yan Gomes."
- Tom Hamilton

"We're only going to give you scores of games that matter right now. If you want to know how Boston or Toronto is doing, you'll have to go to your laptop."
- Tom Hamilton

"A grand slam to left for Nick Swisher! And this baby is over!"
- Tom Hamilton

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