Monday, September 9, 2013

A New Excitement!

I was there at the game today, boffins! Aren't you excited for me? I know you are excited that I got to eat free mac & cheese, and a sandwich with "red onion marmalade" on it but the real excitement is that Asdrubal hit another home run! OMG!!

Oh, and Ubaldo had an AWESOME game, and this Jose Ramirez guy provided some excitement, and I got to see my first umpire review, and three home runs! And banana cake dessert pizza!

It was a record low crowd tonight. 9,700. Funny cuz I was there with a group of 4 and I convinced my friends to buy some second-hand tickets for a super low price, and so I was responsible for another 4. I was responsible for like .08% of the crowd. Woohoo!

Also it was Puppypalooza tonight, which makes me so happy to see! I could never take my golden retriever there, she'd just go apeshit. But I was so tickled to see all of the GOOD doggies and all of the dogs playing games and Jake the Diamond Dog playing frisbee and being cute. Yay for Puppypalooza!

Boy, Ubaldo was hot hot hot! Maybe he really liked pitching in the 82% humidity that never seemed to go away? When was the last time we saw him go 7 innings?? (8/29, dumbass) And 10 strikeouts? (Uh, also 8/29) Ok well then...FOUR QUALITY STARTS IN A ROW?!?! Probably not since 2010, I bet.

He looked really great tonight, too. Earvin Santana was pitching really quickly and so was Jiminez. If it wasn't for the relief pitching we probably would have had a 2-hour 15-minute game! You know how many walks he gave up? None! People were chasing the high heat!

Jiminez only gave up 1 run in his 7 innings. He totally took the place for the injured Masterson today, as the ace we can count on. Hooray!

The 8th was pretty lousy. Cody Allen came in and I think his chicken got sent back to his farm, because he was Just Not Good. He gave up a 2-run dinger and only managed to get 1 out before he was sent packing. Zep came in and we had fun discussing his name (it goes from third to first on the defensive chart on the scoreboard!) He did his part and got the second out. Then it was Joe Smith who got the last out via ground out to the pitcher!

Then Chris Perez came in. Not to strains of "Firestarter" which I looooove but instead "Shout" by the Isley Brothers. And, you know, we danced and clapped and stuff. Then they played a few seconds of "Respect Walk" by Pantera which was actually Vinnie's song for a few days there. theory is that the powers-that-be felt the need to distract the crowd and get them dancing and singing instead of booing.

Anyway the 9th inning was intense as hell. A little trivia - even though we scored 4 runs, we never had a runner in scoring position thus John Adams never banged his drum so there was no drumming until 2 outs in the 9th when Adams felt it was really needed because DANG it was a rough 2 outs (by this time there were 2 on). Perez walked the bases loaded (unintentionally, it seemed) and got that final out and was too much! Too much, Perez!

People don't like him but I don't know...I like his personality. I think he's in it to win it. I think maybe his ego gets past his skill sometimes but he's had a rough year on and off the field and I wouldn't be upset to see him in 2014. I also would probably get over him quickly if he was sent away. Especially if he was sent to the NL.


Anyway, the Tribe only got 5 hits today! And no walks! Three of the hits were home runs...

OMG ASDRUBAL!!! I was so happy to see it! And my little buddy Silas was also there and he says he loves Asdrubal just like JJ so we had all the good vibes needed to get that ball over the fence. Wahoo!

Then my man Gomes who's got an 8-game hitting streak now. And 6 RBI in that time. Plus he called a stellar game for Ubaldo, and I think he kept Perez from losing it in the 9th. And he threw out 3 Royals at second, except once the ball was dropped so it ended up only being 2 outs. But Yan Gomes is the new Tribe catcher, dangit! (Sorry, Sweet Lou. We'll always remember you.)

Back atcha, champ.
Santana got a questionable homer, but I saw it with my own two eyes, it went in to the Designated Doggy Zone to the left of the foul pole. Mad props to the sound guy at the stadium who first played "Misunderstanding" by Genesis while waiting to hear whether or not the play would be reviewed. Then they played "Tell Me Something Good" by Chaka Khan while we waited for the answer. Nailed it!

Not to be forgotten tonight was the debut of Jose Ramirez as a starter at third. He got the one hit that wasn't a homer, a single in the 3rd. He totally thought he was going to show the world that Jose Ramirez is the fastest man alive, and turn it into a double, but ended up scrambling back to first and nearly getting called out.

But, he still had more to prove! Drew Stubbs was next and he hit a grounder to third. By the time the third baseman picked it up, Ramirez was already around second. I think he stunned Hosmer who threw from first to third to try to get him out, and he would have been out, if not for Hosmer's bad throw. Then whoever was on third had a hard time retrieving the ball, and Ramirez was safe at home (probably also out if dude hadn't missed the pickup.)

Oh good, it's online, because you HAVE to see this ridiculousness.

That was fun as heck! It rivals Eziquel Carrera's debut beating out a drag bunt. Speed kills!

Ramirez ended up going 2 for 3 on the night. Do you love him yet? Being that he's just a kid (21), he was overly excited later in the game and got picked off at first. He also committed a throwing error. He's going to sleep well tonight, though! Such a big day!

That's all for the game. Kind of paltry hitting but I'll take 3 homers to win it any day. I had a super good time at the game!

Want me to talk about food? Ok. I am pissed that I had a really good breakfast and was hardly hungry when we got to the Club. Turns out that on top of the "ballpark fare" they have for free OUTSIDE the club, they also have a swank buffet set up inside. This time it was BBQ pork like last time I was at the Club this year (also for a Royals game, which had the same menu). I didn't do the pork but along with my 2 dogs I had mac & cheese and corn casserole. YUM. Oh man and totally full by then. But I had to try the special "pit beef" sandwich which was quite good but by then it was painful. The special dessert pizza was banana with pound cake, which was good (I'll eat banana anything) except they either season their crust or make dessert pizza on savory pizza pans. Because the crust was all seasoned and kind of awkward tasting.

I only managed 3 cups of Diet Pepsi, and they were small. Shame. I actually had to have a glass of water because it was so stupid humid out. And...ouch. My tummy!

So happy I got to go to the game. I have a feeling my lack of being able to go (lack of funds - this was yet another freebie) to games this year is adding to my frustration with being able to stay positive. Well, plus the way they are playing. But yesterday's game was so crummy that I needed to see some cheer in person. And I got a really good one!

Tomorrow is more KC, with ZMac versus RHP 4.19. No sweat, right? Except lots of sweat - it's supposed to be 93 degrees. HOLY COW!!!

I didn't get Radio Chatter tonight but I actually got some from Sunday's Mets game that I didn't write about, so here, have this.

See you tomorrow!

Radio Chatter:
"Matsuzaka gets carried off the field after having a 1-2-3 inning."
- Tom Hamilton

"The Mets have been swinging and missing ever since they got off the plane on Thursday."
- Tom Hamilton

"The Red Sox could have bought a small country for what they paid for Matsuzaka."
- Tom Hamilton

"You can do a lot of things between pitches with Dice-K. Like write your will."
- Tom Hamilton

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