Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Raburn RAEG!!!

Up, down. Good, bad. How do I feel about this team here? They sure aren't helping their case with games like this!

Poor pitching, and batting that leaves a lot to be desired. WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS ...
Got these guys getting on base and no Raburn to get them in. And no Raburn to come around to score when these guys got hits. Not cool man, not cool.

Let's see...Zach McAllister had a not-so-good game. Four runs in 5 innings. Then all sorts of random guys came out to try their hand at not giving up runs, and for the most part they failed.

Nick Hagadone and CC Lee came in and each gave up a run. Zep and this young fella named Blake Wood came in and at least gave up no more runs but a total of 6 was plenty for the Royals to get what they came for. Blast!

The guys got a ton of hits today! So why didn't they score a ton of runs? They didn't even have a ton of LOB! I don't know, I don't know!! No walks? Is that why? That can't be why.

Bourn had a monster double in the 8th inning, which is nice because he was 0 for his last a lot. Although it kinda sorta was catchable, but Alex Gordon wasn't feeling it. Also, it only scored 2 instead of 1 because seriously Jose Ramirez is possibly the fastest Indian EVER and he jetted in from first.

Wow, that is so un-positive of me!

Anyway, Swisher and Kipnis both went 1 for 4, and Santana and Brantley each went TWO for 4. All of them singles but, whatever - that's 7 hits for the top of the order. Only 3 RBI for them, and that's all.

Asdrubal got another hit tonight so that's less than bad. Him and Kipnis are really freaking me out with the strikeouts lately, tho. They left 6 men on base between them!

Jason Kubel didn't do anything, which is I think what we're supposed to expect of him? Interesting that our two better-hitting right fielders were benched for the entirety of the game.

Lonnie Chisenhall, on the other hand, had a brilliant night going 3 for 3 with a double! Amazing! But you know what? No runs and no RBI (well, Ramirez came in to run for him and got that run in) The 9th spot was a black hole for him today.

Tomorrow is a noontime affair with Scott Kazmir facing RHP 3.43. It's going to be hot as the dickens again tomorrow, too. I can't believe more people came out for this absolute scorcher of a night than they did last night. And how hot will it be at noon tomorrow? DANG!

Anyway, pray for Raburn.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"They haven't tried to run tonight, not after Yan Gomes played sniper last night."
- Tom Hamilton

"Teachers don't mind when you miss days in September."
- Tom Hamilton on Wednesday's noon game

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