Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Welcome, Padres!

Wow, those Padres look bad. I'm not even sure if the Tribe looked good today, cuz the Padres look bad. We more errors than they did (3) but somehow they still look worse!

The Indians have extra incentive to whack these Padres in the knees, too:

Well, all right, San Diego!There weren't too many stand-outs when it came to retorts, but it almost was too lame for a response.

Corey Kluber was the starter, and he had a quality start! Even though he gave up 9 hits he still struck out 8, and only gave up 3 runs. That guy's a total hardass, you know? He's totally going to work out this season, I think. And if every game he gets better then this is a perfect follow-up to his last start!

Nice work by the bullpen today, to keep the momentum going. Zep, Outman and Allen had more scoreless work. Two innings, 3 hits and 3 strikeouts between them.

Vinnie, though...omg, Vinnie. Vinneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. What is wrong?? What can we do? How can we help? Anything for you, VinnieP52!!!

Due to a bad outing by Pestano and a second error by Nick Swisher, John Axford actually came in for a save. Huh. The winning song is "Working Man" by Rush, which is a cool song but kind of lame compared to his other choices in the vote. But it's not too bad if you consider that Axford is Canadian. He got the final out to get us out of the 9th and win the game.

Today's offense was all brought to you by the top and bottom of the order. Not even Michael Brantley (.321) got a hit. NOT EVEN MICHAEL BRANTLEY!!!

Nyjer Morgan is totally locked in now. Bourn must be shakin' in his boots. Morgan went 3 for 5 today with 2 RBI. He also got around to stealing a base for the first time this season. He's batting .389! That's pretty legit...

Swisher through Cabrera didn't do much of anything, although Swish and Kipnis both got RBIs on non-hits - the Tribe scored 3 in the 3rd with no hits. They had 2 walks, an error, a force out and a sac fly.

Chisenhall is still wowing everyone by hangin' in there at .400. He only got one hit today, a single, but that's more hits than the guy making $14 million a year! (His average is twice Swisher's, too)

Yan Gomes had another error today! Wow....But, whatever - he went 2 for 3 with a walk, and his hit was a double. He actually doesn't lead the team in slugging - that stat belongs to...

David Murphy! Murphy came off Sunday's awesome 4-hit game (attributed to having a great batting practice) and went 2 for 3 today with 4 RBI! He got his first homer today, a nice 3-run shot. Apparently he's good for 10-15 a year. Wow, David Murphy - welcome!

David Murphy has two daughters and one son.

Kind of a weird game today, since the production was so lop-sided. But it was nice to hear a bunch of runs! Also nice not to be behind the whole time. Vinnie's appearance was scary, but it was good to see Kluber take charge. Also good to see that Murphy might be the real deal.

Tomorrow should be cool - two games, starting at noon. ALL DAY BASEBALL! I hope it's a lot more exciting than when I went to the doubleheader last year. The Tribe scored 1 run in 18 innings. Granted, Masterson had an awesome complete game in the first game but you really had to be a baseball fan to appreciate that day!

We've got Morgan and Murphy to look forward to. Lonnie is looking to extend a 5-game hitting streak, and Brantley is looking to re-start one of his own. We should see Gomes and Santana both behind the plate, also some Aviles and Raburn and - oh yeah - Trevor Bauer!

Starts at noon - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Can't bunt on your birthday, can you? Gotta hit it in to Pronkville!"
- Tom Hamilton's hope for Santana

"Nyjer Morgan is saying to Terry Francona 'Hey when Michael Bourn comes back, I still want to be here!'"
- Tom Hamilton

"You go from [San Diego to] Miami to Cleveland - How'd you like to pack for that trip?"
- Tom Hamilton

"Tonight, though, he actually proved human - he gave up a hit."
- Tom Hamilton on Mark Rzepczynski

"I gotta keep showing the Tribe Nation what Tony Plush can do!"
- Nyjer Morgan

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