Thursday, April 10, 2014

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Kneecapped Lamb

Tonight Danny Salazar set a record. The first pitcher in the modern area (since 1900) to throw 10 strikeouts in fewer than 4 innings. Of course since this is Cleveland there gets to be a zinger in the end - He gave up 5 runs and didn't make it out of the 4th inning, having to be replaced after 2 outs.

Oh, Cleveland! You can't have anything nice!

Also not nice was that the stupid White Sox finally beat us after our 14-game run over them in 2013. They had a productive off-season. Bah.

So that was Salazar's night. He didn't get taken out solely because he gave up 5 runs, by the way. No - he was at 93 pitches by the time he was removed. There were 6 hits, 2 homers and 2 walks inbetween all of those strikeouts.

It took 4 relievers to finish the game, but at least we've got 4 relievers worth throwing out there. Except they put Blake Wood amongst them and he wasn't all that good. He was one of two relievers with any ERA and he lived up to his reputation, giving up a run on 2 hits.

The third reliever to lose his 0.00 ERA happened today. Josh Outman gave up a homer in the 5th and that was that for him. Only 5 remain! CC Lee (in exchange for Pestano) and Scott Atchison are hanging tough with 0.00 still!

Although the Tribe came busting out of the gate to score 3 runs early, after Asdrubal's solo blast in the second, (OMG!!!!!) that was it. In fact, they only got one more hit in the rest of the game - Raburn had a single to lead off the 4th.

Lonnie wasn't there tonight, and will be gone for the rest of the series I guess. Know why? Paternity leave! I didn't even think he was old enough to be a dad huh.

Speaking of awesome hitters, Asdrubal was the leadoff man and went 2 for 4 tonight, his other hit being a leadoff double that was inches from homer #1. I like it a lot - he's had 4 hits in his last 2 games, and only had 3 hits in his first 9 games!! He's ready!!

Kipnis got a hit tonight and didn't strike out. Not the same as "Kipnis always does well in Chicago," I don't think. But it was cold? (Remember, he ditched Chicago for Arizona eventually!)

Raburn had a nice night. He got the first RBI, on a sac fly. And that single in the fourth. He went 2 for 4.

Michael Brantley (.289) is back to working towards another hitting streak. One down!

That's about it for tonight. In like a lion, out like a kneecapped lamb.

They've still got a chance to win another series of course, so tune in tomorrow for the beginning of that!

It'll be another 8:10 start tomorrow. Plenty of time to get your fish fry on. It'll be Carrasco (hopefully trying to keep his job) versus Chris Sale who is totally scared of Cleveland.

If you want something alternate, and more southernly - Giambi and Bourn are playing for the Rubber Ducks this week! The Akron Rubber Ducks, if you didn't know.

I bet you didn't know that a Jason Giambi Rubber Duckie is a thing, either. It is.
More baseball tomorrow night and every night! See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"I wonder if Fidel Castro has a high-rise on the Michigan [sic] Mile somewhere, to keep watch over his countrymen."
- Tom Hamilton commenting on the 4 Cuban White Sox

"That's the dichotomy of Danny Salazar - he has given up 3 runs but he's struck out 7 so far in the 3rd."
- Tom Hamilton

"I've seen stories already about people not coming to major league parks...obviously written by people who aren't sitting in the stands in 35 degree weather."
- Tom Hamilton

"The way this game started, you thought the Indians would have one of those 10-run nights."
- Tom Hamilton

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